Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless XT headset review

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Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless XT headset

We review the new Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless XT headset. A headset aimed at gaming and music-loving audiophiles, once again upgraded with new features. Corsair's most premium headset actually is an experience all by itself.

Admittedly, Corsair has become a bit of a king of PC gaming peripherals, and their headsets of late have risen towards a new level. Yes, not cheap even remotely, but might, awe and excellent are the tags we deem appropriate for the Virtuoso series. We already reviewed the SE version, this round it's time for the XT version as yes, Corsair has been able to beef up the prodigal son with even more features. The XT version is all about connectivity, included is a braided USB-C cable that functions as both a charging and connection cable, a braided 3.5mm audio cable with an in-line control to let you hook up to your Xbox or PlayStation controllers, and a 2.4GHz adapter for wireless PC connection as well as being Bluetooth compatible. With all the connectivity Corsair places the Virtuoso RGB Wireless XT headset into a very niche space with a stunning design in which Corsair still managed to squeeze some iCUE managed RGB functionality. Of course, it's not about that even slightly, this is a headset for the purists, with hours of wireless headset gaming and music listening over two quality Neodyne 50mm drivers. The frequency response now is reaching 40,000 Hz, which no one can actually hear inside the audible spectrum, but still (you can not hear above 20,000 Hz unless you're very young) it's sexy the headset can do that. Being all wireless and fitted with nice big Neodyne 50mm drivers this headset connects wirelessly with the help of a slipstream dongle connected towards your USB port - a receiver and transmitter USB dongle. Obviously, for best functionality, you will need to download the latest iCUE software for the full software suite which allows you to tweak the audio to your audiophile preference as well as RGB lighting (off is an option too!). The headset offers 7.1 surround wireless gaming headset that brings in more realistic multi-channel-like gaming audio. One battery charge can bring you the comfort of 15 hours of continuous fragging pleasure before it runs out of battery life, and if depleted you can, of course, continue by connecting a USB cable, so charging and usage at the same time ain't an issue either.

Corsair claims 60ft range that's 20 meters for us EU folk, which is a value that is a bit far-fetched, however, in an open space it is possible. In our experience, we can walk inside one 10m room and have excellent wireless connectivity, moving to a floor below and extending to the same range drops the connection. Corsair claims nonstop for up to 15 hours at a time. That indeed seems correct, however with a remark. You'll get a proper 13~16 hours straight usage out of it before you need to recharge. There is a remark to be made here though if you use both the Bluetooth and 2.4GHz connection (which you now can) the battery life will be shorter at roughly ten hours, which is still really okay. Admittedly, who games or listens to music that for such an extended time period. So yeah, it has a new dual connection feature, and funky is that on the ear cup connect each has its own volume control. You can set up your Bluetooth connection at a specific volume level and your game PC connection at a different volume, lovely if you plan to use this headset on multiple devices in your household eh?

Dolby Atmos spatial audio

New for the XT is that you can make use of the Windows Dolby Atmos spatial audio feature (Windows 10 only). You'll need to download it through the Microsoft App Store, but once done, it gets fully licensed and activate automatically by and with a Corsair license. Once done all your EQ-related stuff does not pass through iCUE anymore but rather this extensive software suite. Which we find to be surprisingly good sounding.

The software detects the headset immediately and has quick and simple presets to improve the in-ear sound. If you don’t like any of the presets, you can quickly adjust the equalizer to what you’d like. Weirdly enough I found myself liking the Dolby suite better than the default?, really, it sounds a notch better. That, however, is a subjective statement to make, and something for you to choose from, and hey it is good to have choices right. 

The XT model is fitted with an aluminum ear cup plate finish and micro-perforation RGB lighting (we'll show you that later), a larger 9.5mm broadcast-quality microphone, and a storage pouch. Virtuoso RGB Wireless has a rather spicy MSRP of $269,-.



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