Corsair Sabre RGB Pro​ Wireless mouse review

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Corsair Sabre RGB Pro Wireless mouse

In this article, we review the Corsair Sabre RGB Pro Wireless mouse. It’s an optical mouse that was launched on 16th September. It’s a new release from the Sabre series, which was introduced seven years ago. This time around, it’s not a regular (wired) version called Sabre RGB Pro which was presented on 8th April, but it’s a wireless one – both of them are from the Corsair’s Champions series. So are there any differences between them besides the way of communication with a PC? There are. One (the wireless version) uses the MARKSMAN 26K sensor instead of 18,000 DPI PMW3392 (of course, both are optical ones). There’s a dedicated button that allows you to cycle through five defined DPI settings quickly. The report rate for the wired version is up to 8000 Hz; in the wireless, it’s 2000 Hz (so that’s still a lot, most of the competitors end up at 1000 Hz). Is there something more? Yes, you can find here seven and not six programmable buttons. That’s not all; there’s some “downgrade” as well. The RGB section is only 1-zoned; in the wired version, there are 2 RGB zones. Ok, but some things are the same. The mouse shape is one of them; it’s suited for palm and claw grip. The main buttons are the Omrons, with estimated durability of 50 million clicks.  


The MOBA and FPS are the genres of the games that these products are aimed at. The weight is low in both cases; in a wired one, it was 74 g, and the wireless version is only 5 g more. In both cases, the provided USB cable is (or rather should be) made from a drag-reducing paracord. For the wired variant, it’s 2.1 m long; for the reviewed mouse, it’s 1.8 m (so it’s still long enough). Both versions support the Corsair ICue software, which enables a lot of customization, including the one relating to the RGB lighting. As for the things typical to the wireless functionality of a reviewed product, this is achieved via:

  • Sub-1ms SLIPSTREAM WIRELESS technology,
  • low-latency Bluetooth wireless technology (7.5 ms using the BT LE 4.2 specification),

Battery life is estimated at:

  • Up to 60hrs continuous use in 2.4GHz SLIPSTREAM mode
  • Up to 90hrs continuous use via Bluetooth

Based on the above figures -  that should allow you to play for days between the charges. The Corsair SABRE RGB PRO WIRELESS is available at $109.99, which is considerably more than the current price of the wired version (it was 59.99 USD, and now it’s 44.99 USD). The warranty is two years, so that’s pretty standard. Is this product worth its price, given the provided features and functionality? Let’s find out.

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