Corsair MM500 3XL mouse pad review

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Corsair MM500 Mouse Pad (quick) review
A ginormous mouse pad for gamers

This time, we’re checking out the Corsair MM500 mouse pad. To be more specific, the product’s full name is the "MM500 Premium Anti-Fray Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad — Extended 3XL". Quite a mouthful, we agree but large stuff comes with large names eh? :) Measuring 1220 x 610mm (and that's not a typo), it’s a massive product, with a plush rubber construction, offering a comfortable surface mousepad that can easily cover your entire gaming workspace.


You can use the abundant room for your mouse, keyboard, monitor, and more.  Even though the mouse pad is a simple accessory, if you overlook it, you might be surprised how many baseline features of your mouse simply won’t work as intended, or you’ll end up wondering why that recent upgrade to the latest model hasn’t really improved things much over your old mouse. Therefore, if you’re a serious gamer, you should give your mousepad purchase some consideration. If you do that, you’ll be able to maximize the power of your “weapon” in every battle.

The pads differ mainly in size. How do you know which pad size to choose? There are two things to consider when choosing the right format for you. The first is the amount of space on the desk (in other words: before buying it is worth making sure that the accessory will fit on the countertop and will not interfere with other elements that are on it). The second issue is the preferred style of play. If the mouse sensitivity is set to more than 1600 DPI, i.e. the movements are relatively small, S or L are sufficient. However, if it is necessary to traverse many centimeters so that the cursor moves from one edge of the screen to the other, it is better to put on a larger model, so that it does not turn out later that in the least expected moment space is missing. There are two types of material used. The textile version is recommended primarily for users of mice with optical sensors. One of its advantages is that it can be rolled up, which makes transport easier. Such, made of plastic or metal, in turn, is characterized by the absence of any unevenness, which makes it suitable for any “rodent”. It's also harder to destroy it (it’s more durable). The hard pad is easy to clean, but for some people, it can be uncomfortable to the touch, and in addition, it can generate noise when moving the mouse. When choosing a material version, pay attention to the edges, so that there is no problem with ripping. You also have to take into account that it can get dirty faster (and after spilling the liquid you need to dry it). Now getting back to the hmm – sizes.



In most cases, a mousepad that can accommodate both your keyboard and mouse needs to be more or less like what, 80cm wide? This way you won’t run out of a smooth gliding surface even in the course of a very long battle. With the MM500, you actually get 50% more space, so you can even fit a monitor on it. You might wonder how much you have to pay for a beast like that. The price is 44.99 EUR/49.99 USD, so that gives you pretty decent value for money. OK, let’s have a look at what this giant has to offer to … another giant (like me, who’s 6ft 6).

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