Corsair IronClaw RGB mouse review

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Corsair IronClaw RGB Mouse review
This rodent you use to frag.

Corsair released a new rodent, their IronClaw mouse. Designed with a comfortable fit and some pretty iCUE related features this critter might be just what the doctor ordered at 59 bucks.

The mouse has been fitted with a PixArt custom designed PMW3391 gaming grade optical sensor, and it is rated to rev up at 100 up-to a staggering 18K DPI. Yep, 18,000 dots per inch which is similar to the M65 RGB Elite we also tested. And I know, I know .. these DPI values hardly make sense anymore. But granted, after testing it a couple of days we do have to admit this thing is precise. To match the new modern theme the mouse was designed from the ground up to be ergonomically pleasing yet attractive to look at. 


The mouse also has a two-zone RGB color customization that allows for 16.8 million color selection lighting. The unit advances on that though as its cast is made out of durable and very sturdy uni-body smooth ergonomic shell.

For each application, there seems to be a mouse you can purchase, and the fact remains that the majority of mice out there are all simply close to each other. Corsair picked up on the mouse trend several years ago, and their latest addition is this one. The Ironclaw is aimed and can be used to aim at  ... gamers, but obviously works as a regular mouse just as well. The mouse itself is a right-handed design. It's a feature-rich mouse alright, as it has no less than seven programmable buttons, all Omron switch based. You can configure the dual zone RGB lighting through Corsair’s unified software, iCUE (download). The mouse also comes with its own memory, allowing you to store the settings or find some cheese.

In many ways the mouse shares the same features and options as the M65 RGB Elite, however, the design is more aimed at MOAB gamers that require quick and fast action without thinking about what they have in their hands, a comfortable super fast mouse. 

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