Corsair HS60 Haptic Headset review

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Corsair HS60 Haptic Headset

Corsair has an extensive offer that consists of a variety of PC components and peripherals. Headsets are also covered, starting with the more budget-oriented HS range, running upwards to the very high-end Void series. In this review, we’re checking out the all-new Corsair HS60 Haptic. It was announced on the 15th of October, and it’s another revision of the HS60 model, which we already reviewed here before (both the regular and Pro versions). Raffaele did the first review, and the second by Hilbert, so the third time is the charm – and it’s me, haha. There aren’t any surprises when you look at this new model. Well, it looks only slightly different due to the camo design. This is not a wireless headset, so you’ll need to plug in the USB cable.

Inside the HS60 Haptic, 50 mm custom-tuned neodymium audio drivers are light and durable. The memory foam earpads should make the product more comfortable to use. The mic has a noise-canceling feature and is unidirectional. The frequency range is between 20 Hz and 20,000 Hz. The HS60 HAPTIC headset combines the performance, quality, and features that gamers demand. If you use the HS60 on a PC, CORSAIR’s exclusive iCUE software provides additional audio EQ control, sound field pre-sets, and sidetone adjustment. The Windows Sonic surround system should expand the experience as well because it enables 360° audio. There’s also on-ear volume and haptic feedback controls to adjust these settings to your needs. The biggest selling point here is probably the Taction Technology, which is supposed to deliver deep haptic bass (as the product's name suggests).

The HS60 HAPTIC is up to ten times more powerful than other haptic headsets thanks to Taction technology, and it reproduces all the bass sounds the game designers intended you to perceive, with the intensity they wanted you to perceive it at. Taction Transporters use a different — and faster — neural pathway to your brain. The result? According to Corsair, this brings a 20% improvement in response time. This headset is priced at 129.99 USD/129.99 EUR and should be comfortable to wear and provide a pleasant audio experience. The product will carry a 2-year warranty. Well, let’s hit the next page.


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