Corsair GS800 review

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Corsair GS800

Corsair GS800 Bronze Certified PSU

Over the years we've tested dozens of power supplieds from many brands and manufacturers, and quite popular in this market are Corsair power supplies. They have ranges from top to bottom and with a little shame on my face I admit it, after all these years this will be our first Corsair power supply review.

We are seeing many trends these days, one example is making the most energy efficient models. Bronze, Silver, Gold but Platinum is what you want really, however the upper stack in hardware is expensive.

Today we're testing a product that has a little less focus on power efficiency, yet offers a little more bling. It is the GS800 (800 Watt as the name implies) and it's targeted at gamers, hence the GS in front (Gaming series).

The power supply has been on the market for a while now already and it's one of the more popular models. Recently it was enhanced a little and as such the PSU deserves a new review. It now offers Bronze efficiency which is the primary enhancement really. All that tied to a single 12V rail and comes with a fan that doesn't activate until you use 20% of PSU load. That fan can be lit with three led colors. The innards of the PSU seem to originate from CWT and in fact could very well be the CWT PSH II 800 power supply (worldwide there is only a dozen of PSU manufacturers really).

The PSU itself is non-modular, not a biggy for most, but most of you with a side panel window in their chassis really want modular cables. Being 800W and with all the aforementioned features the PSU is priced in the 90 EUR range here in the Netherlands, and that's not a bad price as you are about to find out.

Corsair GS800

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