Corsair Gaming STRAFE RGB MX Silent keyboard review

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The STRAFE RGB MX Silent mechanical keyboard
Keyboard silence at its best ?

In this review we look at the all new Corsair Gaming STRAFE RGB MX Silent mechanical keyboard - it has the snazzy RGB LEDs in any color you can think of and is offered with Cherry switches that are way more silent, revised as model MX SILENT. The Strafe offers a unique approach and to spill the beans, probably is one of the best keyboards we have ever tested. It comes with per key configurable full RGB LED lit keys that can be animated and profiles, next to that these mechy keys also have trick or two encompassed in the new design as well. 


The RGB keyboard we're testing today, is a programmable per key configurable RGB Cherry MX tech based mechanical keyboard and yeah I know I know ... i t's not just all about the RGB LEDs and cool lighting animations of course.  The keyboard comes in black and aluminum aesthetics and a heavy design with looks that can be labeled as really pleasant. You will also receive extra rugged swappable WASD keys, the keyboard comes with a USB connector. The Corsair Gaming STRAFE RGB MX Silent is a mechanical FPS gaming keyboard. As you'll be able to see, the Corsair Gaming STRAFE RGB MX Silent comes with a detachable full-sized wrist rest as well. The specs overall include a 1000Hz polling rate (configurable), 100% anti-ghosting, and the media keys and USB pass-through on the rear remain too. It's not just all about the RGB LEDs and cool lighting animations of course, the keyboard comes in anodized aluminum, and it just looks incredible. Every key is mechanical, using Cherry MX either Silent key-switches or regular Cherry MX Brown/Red switches (three models are offered). So yes, the keyboard is 100% mechanical with per-key adjustable back-lighting, using RGB LEDs, so that you can customize which keys are lit, according to the game you’re playing. The Corsair Gaming STRAFE RGB we test has the all new MX Silent Cherry switches, it is a full n-key rollover keyboard. It allows you to reduce the polling rate from 1000Hz to 500, 250 or 125Hz.

Please have a look at the example video above showcasing some of the animated features of the RGB lighting system. A product that will be priced at 149 USD/EURO for the Cherry MX Red/Brown version and 159 USD for the Cherry MX Silent (MSRP), and yeah we think it just oozes and screams value for money. Let's have a peek at that first, and then browse our way into the review, in a colorful style.

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