Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB DDR4 memory review

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A double data-rate introduction

Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB DDR4
Testing a 3600 MHz 32GB CL16 kit (with a bit of a Vengeance)

In this article, we review the new RGB series Dominator Platinum RGB DDR4 memory from Corsair. Not only do these puppies look awesome, but they are also properly specced as well in a wide variety of options in frequency, volume and timings for you to choose from. We received a massive 4x8GB DDR4 kit rated 3600MHz CAS 16, so that is 32GB at your disposal for dual and even quad-channel memory configurations. This kit is aimed at the latest Intel platforms, but we'll have a peek at Ryzen compatibility as well. 

RGB anything is a hip and trendy thing. Hey, LEDs are relative cheap to use as hardware, and fairly easy to control. Next to that, when done right (and I do say that with quite some emphasis) they can look great. We've seen motherboards, coolers, keyboards, mice and chassis RGB flavored. Some hideous, other offerings just drop down on your azz gorgeous. Admittedly, there's LED and then there's proper LED implementation that works good and looks good. Corsair has been subtle with their RGB implementation, they always have been. The new Dominator Platinum RGB kit DDR4 modules as far as I am concerned do fall within that last category as they have been implemented in an aesthetically pleasing manner. The RGB implementation now is fully addressable, that means that each LED array on the DIMMs can be lit individually.

Capellix LEDs? 

Twelve bright, individually addressable Capellix RGB LEDs can be spotted per DIMM, all nicely fitted under that aluminum heat spreader, but there's more to it though, which we'll talk about in a jiffy. These allow you to control the LEDs in relation to color and animation. As such this DDR4 RGB kit can be controlled with Corsair iCUE software. At defaults this kit will revert to the most popular setting, a sweet looking rainbow of colors in a wave-style lighting effect, illuminating your PC with 50 shades of RGB (that line was a pun). To be able to do so Corsair now basically places the LEDs on to the PCB. This means many small LEDs can be seated and housed inside the package compared towards a more traditional way of hiding them in the heat spreader. The Capellix LEDs are integrated directly into the PCB with an SMT solder process.

Capellix LEDs just use 0.2mm³ surface area where that value normally is 2.8mm³. Capellix LEDs are also said to offer a brighter (up to 60 percent) light while using less power (40% less at similar brightness). That, in a nutshell, is Capellix. Capellix immediately makes the most sense in RGB-enabled wireless products, helping extend battery life, and it's inevitable that Corsair will be releasing such models soon, though it's first showcased here on Dominator Platinum RGB. Each module has only 12 individually-addressable Capellix LEDs evenly spaced below the light diffuser. We say only because over 100 can be placed in a space smaller than a fingernail, but Corsair doesn't see a need for such density or brightness for memory modules. You can imagine, say, 20 on a fan, 50 on a light strip, or 100 dotted around a keyboard.

Luckily for you, the Dominator Platinum RGB memory kits do not require any extra cables or connectors. You seat the memory, install iCUE software and from there on-wards communication takes place over the system SMBus. Next, to all the RGB bling, you should realize, these are Dominator series DDR4 DIMMs, and that means you'll see normal up-to high-frequency and low latency options for your purchasing needs available. Our kit, for example, runs an effective 3600 MHz DDR4 data-rate at CL15. There will be several 8GB, 16GB and even 32GB combinations to address dual and quad-channel memory configurations ranging from 2x8GB, 4x8GB 2x16GB, 4x16GB 8x8GB towards 8x16GB (yup 128GB!) DIMM kits in varying SKUs and prices.


DDR4 memory modules you can choose plenty from and honestly, cheap but dull all green Kingston Value memory, for example, works absolutely fine. Then there is regular mainstream DIMMs, then step it up a little and say high-frequency memory is a hint faster and often cooler looking inside your PC with the fancy designs and heat-spreaders. For the last stage in the channel, there's enthusiast grade memory for the performance enthusiasts, which is what we will look at as Corsair has released Dominator Platinum series memory.  Stylish RAM memory for the people that need fast performance, the people that build their own PCs, perhaps customize it a little. In that mindset, Corsair released a new series based on quality, performance and LED lit aesthetics in an RGB package. These DIMMs will most certainly not be the cheap, but incredibly cool with great looks and nice frequencies that can be enabled with a simple XMP profile in your BIOS. We received a dual/quad channel kit, 32GB of it .. configured over 4 DIMMs thus holding 8 GB per DIMM module. And they are among the coolest looking memory kits you have seen to date. 

We advise you to watch the video listed above first to get a better idea and understanding of how intricate and fascinating the possibilities are with the new RGB led system is. Join us as we review not just some nice fast clocked bars of memory, it's among the coolest looking ones as well. Next page, please.

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