Corsair CX750F RGB (750W PSU) review

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Corsair CX750F RGB power supply

We’re putting the new Corsair CX750F RGB power supply on our test bench today. It received 80 Plus certification already mid-June 2020. We reviewed one of its predecessors back in 2013 (CX600M). This time, it’s a 750-Watt model with an 80 PLUS® Bronze certificate, which means that it’s 88% efficient at 50% load @ 115 V and @ 230 V. This is important because the energy consumed does not go to waste (at least not in a significant amount), and that affects your energy bill. The Corsair CX750F RGB is an ATX power supply, and a rather typical one at that (but without a semi-passive mode, unfortunately). It’s a fully modular PSU with a flat cable design. Even the motherboard connectors are not attached permanently to the housing, but you still have to use most of them anyway. Nearly all cases have a power supply shroud now (at least ATX-sized ones do), so the unit and the cables will be hidden in most. The most significant innovation/selling point (?) here is the RGB fan (this is the first model from Corsair that has that). Corsair are well known for their love of that kind of lighting, and you most likely already know what iCUE is, correct? If you don’t, it’s their software that allows synchronizing LEDs between Corsair products such as chassis, peripherals, and even PSUs. There are two color variants:

  • Black (as the one provided for the review)
  • White

So, you should be able to match them with the rest of your system easily. The RGB (eight individually addressable LEDs) can be controlled via a CORSAIR iCUE RGB Lighting Controller (sold separately) or by the motherboard, via the included 5V ARGB adapter for advanced RGB lighting control. There is also the option to select one of ten lighting modes at the push of a button.


A 650 W and a 550 W variant of this PSU are available as well. Both should be more than enough for most users (as long as they don’t use an RTX 3080). So, there’s nothing left to be desired in the department of wattage choice, right?
The fan is a 120 mm one with eight individually addressable RGB LEDs. Corsair’s marketing materials don’t say what kind of bearing was used here, but we‘ll check that later. It would be best to have an FDB, but a rifle bearing should also be ok (certainly better than a sleeve bearing). The CX750F RGB is built with high-quality 100% Japanese primary capacitors that provide enhanced reliability and durability.

The main unit itself is very compact, given the provided wattage, measuring 140 mm x 86 mm x 150 mm.
A 5-year warranty backs corsair’s CX750F RGB.  This is good for this segment, so no major complaints here.
As for the pricing, it’s as follows:


  • £72.99
  • € 80.90
  • SEK 879.90
  • NOK 879.90
  • DKK 619.90


  • £82.99
  • € 87.90
  • SEK 999.90
  • NOK 999.90
  • DKK 709.90


  • £89.99
  • € 99.90
  • SEK 1,089.90
  • NOK 1,089.90
  • DKK 769.90

All sounds rather reasonable. Ok, let’s check out this PSU from Corsair, shall we? 

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