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Corsair CX Series 600M PSU review - Budget Babeeh ...

We review the Corsair CX600M PSU today. This 600 Watt power supply is quite nice in features but even better in price. A product that is affordable, yet comes with the quality you can expect from a name like Corsair.  Being the more 'regular' non CX model these power supplies ar, well not cheap, but a bit more affordable. Meanwhile it remains to be a quality and high performance and 80 Plus Bronze certified product. Yep, 80 Plus Bronze, semi-modular, and the fan doesn't really spin up beyond its minimum speed until around 50% load. How does that sound ?

And sure true, here at we mostly review PSUs series that are a little more high-end and often at the top of the budget as we feel, a PSU is an important investment to make. You have no idea how many game crashes and BSODs originate from a cheapo PSU. The exception to the rule however is that the more affordable PSUs these days can be good quality for your money but you need to stick to a known brand, in this case Corsair. So the new PSU line is called CX Series with an M for Modular. The CX Series Modular power supply series right now offers four members in the following models 430W, 500W, 600W and 750W, respectively. For energy efficiency we notice 85% efficiency at 50% typical load. This makes the series a 80 Plus Bronze certified product, while not superb these days, it's definitely efficient enough for SOHO and gaming usage. According to Corsair, the CX Series Modular PSU will offer higher reliability, less noise and less heat than other power supplies in this mainstream segment of the PSU arena. You'll notice modular on the box, well that's partly true. It is a hybrid symbiosis of a couple of (de)attachable cables with a non-detachable ATX cable and CPU power cable mounted to the PSU. The SATA, 4-pin MOLEX and PCI Express cables are modular though.

"Corsair CX Series PSUs have an unrivalled reputation for reliability, which has made them the clear choice for value-conscious PC builders," said Thi La, senior VP and GM of memory and enthusiast component products at Corsair.

"We designed the new CX Series Modular in response to customer requests for a modular PSU at lower price points. They are built to the same high level of quality as our Corsair CX Series, with new configurable cables that simplify installation and help PCs stay cool and uncluttered."

Looking up the prices of the Corsair CX Series Modular 430 W, 500 W, 600 W and 750 W PSUs we see good positioning, todays tested CX600M (600 Watt) unit for example you can spot aggressively priced under 65 Euro including taxes. For that money you will have a nice quality product that is good looking, partly modular, and carries a 3-year warranty as well. Not bad eh ?  But let's have a peek at the product and then let's head onwards into the review.


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