Corsair Crystal 570X PC Chassis Review

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Corsair Crystal Series 570X PC Chassis
Looking Deep Into The Soul That Is Your PC

We review the new Corsair Crystal 570X PC Chassis, a product series that is designed for ease of use combined with downright terrific looks as the side, top and fronts panel have been fitted with tempered glass. Combined with an RGB LED system in the cooling fans this chassis looks incredibly special. It is quite funny, in our previous Corsair Carbide Air 740 review I closed the conclusion with this text: 

Corsair might want to look at tempered glass panels as well, as it is a strong trend they seem to be carefully skipping. Tempered glass does give a chassis a nicer and better aesthetic feel (imho).

And yes, six weeks later here we are :)

From top to bottom the chassis market is a channel position that Corsair is very comfortable in. Very few of their PC cases we tested (and that's pretty much all of them) left us with mixed feelings. I mentioned this in other reviews as well, but they started years ago with that grand in design Obsidian 800D and later the 900D. To date people still can remember the chassis series just by their short name as they tickled your fantasy and senses with the, at that time, innovative designs. Later on we spotted the Graphite series they pursued a somewhat more mainstream to gamers level of PC cases. And then came the Carbide series for which Corsair pursued a more lower segmented mainstream market. Today a new line is added: the Crystal series obviously synonym for a design with that gorgeous tempered glass.

Corsair went nuts with this one, as you will notice tempered glass to the left, right, front and top as well. Combined with their RGB configurable fans you can pick a color design that suite you the best as a RGB lighting controller is housed inside the chassis as well. Then the chassis inside, well spacious and airflow are two things that come to mind next towards a rather delicious look, feel and design. 

The Corsair is Crystal is all about visuals with all that glass, and as such every segment has been design to hide away the nasty stuff. Cable management on the right side for one was a challenge, but as you are about to find out they solved that in a simple and effective manner. Corsair also hides the HDD and SSD mounts at that right side, behind the motherboard. Your power supply is nicely covered up in it's own compartment, they created a big compartment as there as well you can tuck away and thus hide cabling. Obviously you will run into properly grommet holes with rubber inserts and an all black interior including dark cables and connectors. Airflow was another aspect that Corsair really though through well, there are three 140mm RGB fans at the front side only, yet throughout the chassis there are vents in-between the glass and base chassis. Holding my hand at the top of the chassis for example rustled in feel-able airflow.

This mid-tower sized chassis can house mini-ITX, micro ATX or ATX motherboards and offer plenty of space to do your "thang". You can mount three SSDs at the backside and two HDDs (or alternatively two SSDs) in the slide in tray located at the motherboard side of the chassis. At the front you will spot USB 3.0 (2x) and 3.5 mm HD audio jacks.

The Cystal 570X comes pre-fitted 3x SP120 RGB fans for improved aesthetics. Extensive air and water cooling options are included, with support for 360mm radiators up to 60 mm thick in the front, a 120 mm radiator and 35 mm thick at the rear and top mounted 240mm are possible. It's also equipped with magnetic dust filters on all in-take fans which allows for easy building and maintenance. 

 Wanna have a peek? Sure you do!

Material Metal ABS
3mm Tempered Glass
Internal Drive Bay 3.5" / 2.5" x 2               
M/B Form Factor ATX / Micro-ATX /Mini-ITX  (Max: 12” x 10.5”)
Power Supply ATX 12V, PSII Size and EPS up to 225 mm
I/O Port USB 3.0 x 2,
HD Audio
Expansion Slot PCI-E Slot x 7
Supports High-End Graphic Card up to 370 mm
Dimension (HxWxD) 480 mm x 234 mm x 512 mm

More fans can also be mounted in the rear and top for additional cooling, air-cooled CPUs with tower heatsinks have a spacious 170 mm height to spare. Anyway, have a peek at the chassis, and yeah... due to that lovely, yet reflective tempered glass, photos in this review are a bit of challenge, but we're sure you'll get the idea. Have a peek at the Corsair Crystal 570X and then head on-wards to the next page please .


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