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CoolIT Freezone CPU tooler TEC/Watercooling Copyright 2007

FreeZone CPU coolerInfo:
Price: 399 USD

Today we're going to have a product review that has been receiving raving reviews worldwide, the company is CoolIt systems, and their top notch product is a CPU cooler that will literally keep your processors chilled. Agreed, I had never heard of them before as well, but they are bound to kick some butt as their products might be simple, yet revolutionary. CoolIt systems is based in Calgary, Canada.

They specialize themselves in PC cooling products with a focus on liquid cooling.

The Freezone

Seriously how does an idle processors at 12 degrees C sound or 21 degrees C under full load ? What's the secret behind this product ? Well as you guys know, for really efficient cooling performance there are only a few options available. First and foremost, water-cooling. It offers excellent cooling performance at low noise. Yet the downside is... temperatures hardly can exceed the ambient temperature of you surroundings. Then there's Peltier (TEC) cooling...

Now... we've known peltier cooling for a long long time now, the principles we'll discuss on the next page; yet I have never been a big fan of Peltier cooling for several reason. The first being heat... you add heat to cool down a product. That heat is disposed in your system. The second factor is that since you add heat (we'll explain do not worry) and need to input additional wattage, and this power consumption increases. Another factor is that if you misuse Peltier cooling... you can honestly overcool your product below zero and effectively get condensation on your product... yikes !
Peltier cooling has however a very big advantage... you can set it a certain wattage and then it will simply cool down your product to let's say 20 degrees C and should remain pretty level at that temperature.

You still with me ? Now 1+1=2; What if you combine the best from both and introduce a cooler based on water-cooling, yet have that water cooled down with a peltier (TEC) element ?

So the CoolIT FreeZone is not a 100% water-cooling system as you and I know. Unlike most similar products, the Freezone doesn't use a radiator. Instead, it uses its proprietary Chiller module which simply are the TECs or peltiers elements to chill the liquid coolant. By doing so it provides far greater thermal efficiency.

This is exactly what CoolIt systems designed... we'll be looking at their FreeZone CPU cooler, a complete all in one Watercooling/TEC cooling solution which you can easily mount in your PC and have your processor complaining "darn man  .. that's cold!".

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CoolIT Freezone CPU tooler TEC/Watercooling Copyright 2007

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