Cooler Master SPAWN mouse review

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CM Storm SPAWN gaming mouse

You know, in the gaming arena there is much diversity in the selection of mice that you can purchase. And for good reason. See, a good gaming mouse can bring you more advantages in a game as you play in the field more smoothly, or simply can work faster. I mean, over the years the development of something as simple as the PC mouse has increased nearly at the same development of a graphics card.

What, you don't believe me? Well hear me out then. First we had the mouse, then we got new color schemas, better ergonomics, we went from optical to laser mouses, then dual-lasers, DPI sensitivity jumped over 6000 DPI, braided cords for less friction, input controllers over multiple buttons, 5-way scroll-wheels, LEDS added, then programmable LEDs with different colors, weight systems to balance the mouse or make it more heavy and then mouses got software, to control macros and profiles. To make that even faster, manufacturers added ROM memory into the mouse. And as of late we even can see little ventilators in the mouse to cool your hand palm, and if we look back at Cooler Master in particular, even small LCD screens have been embedded into that simple peripheral input device... the mouse.

So ten years ago the mouse was grey, dull... plastic rubbish with a rubber ball and two buttons. And look now... just focus on the stuff I just mentioned. Yeah, now you'll agree with me that the mouse has come a long way to meet perfection. Simply put, there aren't any really bad mouses anymore unless you go real cheap, you know... the 15 USD Labtec keyboard/mouse combos and such. But even these have evolved into something quite acceptable.

Today we peek at a new offering from Cooler Master, the Spawn mouse that falls into the CM Storm series. It's a mouse that fits guys like myself really well, big hands thus big mouse (is that what the ladies say? -Ed), good rubberized grip and not too much fuzz with LEDs and pro-active stuff. It does come fully programmable and the memory inside the mouse to save it in. Anyway, nuff said... have a quick peek at the mouse and then head onwards to the next page where we'll review this product.


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