Cooler Master MasterWatt Maker 1200 PSU review

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MasterWatt Maker 1200
Cooler Master Advancing On Power Supplies Towards Titanium Efficiency

This summer Cooler Master launched the new WattMaker 1200 PSU PSU series. These power supplies are not just seriously efficient with good build quality, CoolerMaster wanted to take things a step further and made them completely digital with options to monitor and configure right from your PC or mobile phone through new proprietary Connect Software. The end result as such is interesting alright, a very nice power supply rates 80+ Titanium that comes with a modular design two configurable 12V rails and even configurable fan control.

The MasterWatt Maker 1200 is here in da house and ready to be tested! Cooler Master did things different this time, and although we do not really see a need for 1200 Watt or high power supplies anymore (unless you are a pro-overclocker) this unit is daunting alright. You'll get your basics, a proper (digital) PSU lovely in design, beefy 12V rails tied to modular cabling and then some! The MasterWatt Maker 1200 is an Element 22 certified product, yep Titanium certified offering 94% efficiency at 50% load @ 110V and even 96% efficient if your are on 230V. Any 1200W PSU is to power one heck of a PC, this puppy comes with two massive 50A 2-volts rails. Optionally you can even have the PSU switch digitally towards one HUGE 12V rails as well. That is a lovely feature for multi-GPU solutions and hardcore enthusiasts that overclock their systems with liquid nitrogen, and then some. Cooler master embeds their new Connect master technology. So basically this power supply has an ARM processor inside the connector to some IO through USB or even Bluetooth that allows you to monitor the PSU with the help of windows based software, or even an Android APP. Efficiency, power usage or simply to adjust the fan RPM are all options here. So again, this software can switch between default +12V multi-rail or single rail modes as well. Now we all know that the sheer amount of PSUs out on the market are diverse and plentiful. Only a few names really stand out though, Cooler Master is using Enhance Electronics as ODM who fabs these PSUs by a Cooler Master design. The MasterWatt Maker series are all about being quiet, efficient and flexible. The PSU as tested today carries a Titanium certification. realistically anything ranging from Bronze, Silver, Platinum and now Titanium is what you want, however the upper stack in hardware is expensive, that is the expensive fact.

That means it's roughly 94% efficient at 50% load at 110 volts, and it gets even better at 230V with 96% efficiency here in Europe! Efficiency matters; years ago PSUs were as low as 70% efficient, meaning that 30% of the used power simply vanishes, whilst you are paying for it on that electricity bill. If your components eat away 500W then with that 70% efficient product you'd actually use 650W from your wall power socket. With today's tested PSU you'd be using 530W. It's that simple. The PSU itself is 100% modular, for most of you with a side panel window in their chassis a must really as you'll want modular cables. Even the ATX power connector for the motherboard can be removed albeit we do for-see some complications ;) The new PSU also has innovation on the audibility front, if your PC is in idle and pretty much doing nothing, the rather silent fan will actually disable itself. Even better, you can configure FAN RPM modes yourself. All in all we have plenty to show you and test. Mind you that being the MasterWatt Maker range you'll get an added benefit as well, these PUS are backed by an 7-year warranty. But have a peek at the product and then let's head on-wards into the review.



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