Cooler Master HAF-X review

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Cooler Master HAF-X review

It seems that every time we review a Cooler Master chassis we stumble into the fact that they continuously pull it off to improve the PC case in some and several ways. They have set a trend a couple of years ago with the still legendary Cosmos series, then we noticed the HAF 932 series, or hey what about the awesome 690 series? All piece by piece reputable with very successful launches.

But Cooler Master will be Cooler Master and as such each year they improve even more, this time around the team ripped apart the HAF 932 series and started rebuilding it. The result is a truly grand update in the HAF series, with something that should have been called the HAF 942, but instead was named HAF-X.

Cooler Master released the HAF series back in 2008 if memory serves me right. The first chassis was the HAF-932, followed last year by the somewhat smaller yet improved HAF-922. The next generation in the HAF evolution line has evolved to the HAF X. A chassis designed for excellent air flow to keep your components well ventilated, and added to that is a bucket load of new features as well.

The HAF X rears its head marketed as the most powerful HAF (High Air Flow) chassis to date. An enthusiast targeted chassis that will keep your expensive components cooled down well, with a very user-friendly but extremely aesthetically pleasing design. To date each and any HAF series chassis has proven to be extremely gratifying, has rugged looks and offers plenty of space for your hardware. This new model is even compatible with USB 3.0 devices. You'll notice in the review that the chassis comes with dedicated support and cooling for graphic cards, excellent airflow with the help of up to four gargantuan fans.

Without further ado .. have a peek at the HAF-X after which we'll take you into a nice deep review covering every little detail you like to know about this truly magnificent full-tower PC case, Cooler Master's latest flagship.

Cooler Master HAF-X review

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