Cooler Master HAF 922 review

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Cooler Master HAF 922

Cooler Master HAF 922 mid-tower

Along with the development of electronics over the past years, the more simple products like chassis design, are changing every year as well. Design is very susceptible to the time we live in. Right now, more simple, not too flashy is a trend, and perhaps even due to the dark financial crisis, the color black seems to be very popular.

But that's just the basic insight and take really. Over these years we've seen PC chassis' evolve into more easy to use product as well. We as a consumers are very demanding, and since there's a lot of competition on the market, our demands are often met as the manufacturer is keen for you to spend your money on their products.

A good example of a chassis series that has evolved is the HAF 922, which we'll examine today.

The product brings a bit of a Deja-vu in mind. The HAF 922 with it's near identical name and setup resembles a lot to it's bigger brother, the HAF 932. The 922 however is a mid-tower while the 932 is a full tower. Don't expect the 922 to be a "dried up" version of the 932 though; it actually offers some improvements, especially when it comes to cable management. The HAF 922 is a good blend of a nice design, yet comes with pretty wicked yet silent cooling and then all the little extra's like decent cable management, removable drive trays for your HDDs, tool-less insertion of, say a DVD-RW drive, and what we like to see very much; something as simple as an opening in the motherboard back tray so you can swap out a CPU cooer backplate without the need of an invasive procedure to remove the entire motherboard.

It's what Cooler Master does well, the HAF meets the requirements in ease of use and design at an affordable price. With that being said, let's fire up this review and check the chassis out in all it's glory. But sure .. have a peek at the product first

Cooler Master HAF 922

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