Cooler Master Cosmos II 25th Anniversary Edition Review

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Cooler Master Cosmos II 25th Anniversary Edition
For Chassis A Jolly Good Fellow

After 25 years, Cooler Master has something to celebrate and as such unleashes nostalgia with the Cosmos II 25th Anniversary Edition. The chassis with its familiar looks is that Ultra tower you already know from 2012, yep that 70 cm / 28" in height beast. It looks, feels and breathes the same as the 2012 model but now comes with in a much desired tempered glass side panel version. This unit houses the biggest big XL-ATX motherboards and comes with brushed aluminum side panels; unlock and swing them open like regular doors, instead of removing panels. Yeah, the 25th Anniversary feel is already kicking in, isn't it? It sure took Cooler Master a while to prolong the Cosmos II, as hey the model was released back in 2012 my man. That Cosmos II (which was based of the original cosmos as well), it still selling though with full channel availability. The new 25th Anniversary Edition comes with a selection of updates, bringing this super-tower chassis towards the year 2017, and that meant the inclusion of a curved tempered glass side panel combined with silver looks and a notch of aluminum. Yes, you read that right. Most of you all know the reputable Cosmos series chassis and it was time for Cooler Master to improve that series, and not by a little. You all know mini, midi and full case towers; well an Ultra tower is just that as the chassis roughly 70 cm in height (almost 28"). It has space for any model or form factor motherboard like the biggest XL-ATX motherboards. How funny would it be to fit this unit with a Mini-ITX motherboard though :-)

The Cosmos II retains its original look and feel with an aluminum dark design, this round however silver is the color theme with some dark accents. You can also unlock and open doors, instead of panels. Looking at the new Cosmos II 25th Anniversary Edition, the design remains in line with the 2012 model, e.g. all that similar feel with the massive handlebars. Then there is lovely cable management, space, and proper airflow. Showing itself behind the front side panel is are the hot-swappable drive bays. That all black interior houses enough space for an oversized motherboard with multiple graphics cards. A slide cover on top reveals a small control panel, here you can manage up to 10 fans and/or their respective LED lights. Need space for water-cooling? Not a problem. Obviously there is more than enough space for any mind and form of cooling including 360mm radiator based water-cooling. You can easily fit a triple radiator in the top of the chassis or remove HDD cages in the lower compartment and create room for say your reservoir.

Need space to house some HDDs? How does thirteen 3.5" drive bays sound? Mountable with an SSD as well of course. Anyway, we have a lot to talk about and as such need to talk you though the entire product with the help of a big photo-shoot. Have a look at the all new revamped Cosmos II 25th Anniversary Edition first after which we'll start-up the review guided by photos, photos and sure some more photos.


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