Cooler Master CM Storm Stryker review

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CM Storm Stryker

Cooler Master released another chassis in their CM Storm series and if you think it looks familiar, well it's because it is. The product we'll review today is the CM Storm Stryker chassis aimed at you guys, the gamers. The product however has for 98% the DNA of the CM Storm Trooper, hence why you probably recognize it.

Aside from the subtle hints towards Star Wars (Stryker/Trooper), there are distinct differences though. The new Stryker has a predominantly white look with black inserts, we see a side window, and the side panels have been shaped differently as well. Inside again everything is white with black touches.  Keywords that come to mind while testing this chassis where: room for extreme cooling, water-cooling, superb cable management, space, features and high airflow. Now imagine all that in a full-tower that you like to carry around to LAN parties.  For LAN gamers with extreme needs, mobility simply is an issue.

The Stryker combines the best in features that we are accustomed to from Cooler Master and then some more. And yah for them LAN parteeeh attendees, this full tower case has an integrated rubberized handle located at the top.

There's more as you'll also spot features like dust filter coverage everywhere, a fan controller, an external SSD drive hot-swap dock and two rather distinctively designed modular hard drive cages. Two modular HDD cages which can hold 4HDDs and a 120mm fan for cooling each. These modular units can be rotated, front to back, side to side or removed altogether. CM Storm Trooper was the first chassis to allow fully modular hard drive configuration with no modification required, no followed by the Stryker.


  • Damage resistant rubberized outer surfaces with a built-in digital fan controller
  • Support for high-end hardware such as XL-ATX motherboards, multiple GPUs in SLI or Crossfire
  • Room for future upgrades with support for up to 14 HDD or SSD
  • Dust filters on every intake that are removable to allow easy cleaning
  • Support for several 240mm radiators (some larger radiators supported)
  • 6 fan speed settings and fan LED control via fan controller
  • Front I/O panel with 2 internal USB 3.0 connectors
  • Easy transport with handles and a hidden tool box for carrying accessories
  • Easy cable management and routing
  • Two 90 degree removable and rotatable HDD cages each with an attached 120mm red LED fan

Another plus for the extreme enthusiasts is that there is room for not one but two  radiators ! You can mount a vertical water-cooling radiator by removing the hard drive cages and panels.

The SM Storm Stryker is locked and loaded and comes with a nice, nine expansion slot space, providing support for multi-GPUs in SLI or Crossfire. In total there's space for 14 hard drives and the motherboard tray even supports XL-ATX form factors. But let's head over to the next page where we'll talk some more and then startup an extensive photo-shoot.

Have a peek first ...

CM Storm Stryker

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