Cooler Master CM 690 II Advanced review

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Coolermaster CM 690 II

Cooler Master CM 690 II Advanced mid-tower chassis.

The good people at Cooler Master have been preparing a new chassis labelled as the CM 690 II Advanced Case. Pretty much this is a makeover of the reputable CM 690 series. The new design seems to be a little more sturdy and comes in an all black design, which surely is a trend these days.

A couple of weeks ago when we where at CES in Las Vegas we've already shown you a couple of pictures on this product, Cooler Master however recently officially introduced it's updated versions of the CM 690, the CM 690 II & CM 690 II Advanced.

The new version enhances the original CM 690 striking features with a seductive all-black interior, additional capacity, superb cooling system and user-friendly design.

And though looks can deceive, the Cooler Master CM 690 II indeed does very similar to the original, make no mistake internally there have been a good number of changes. The original CM 690 was the building block of something better and they improved on it. Armed with a sleek design and a number of nifty options we'd say let's get our groove on and have a look at what Cooler Master is offering you with the CM 690 II Advanced

Have a peek and then head on over to the next page please.

Coolermaster CM 690 II

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