Cherry KC 6000 Keyboard and MC 4900 Mouse Review

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Cherry KC 6000 Keyboard and MC 4900 Mouse Reviews

I'll admit I was surprised when I first came across a PC peripheral branded as Cherry. To me, they were the folks that made the much beloved 'Cherry MX' switches for mechanical keyboards. I'm a bit of a keyboard nerd, I will admit, so when the chance came to review a couple of their products, I said yes fairly quickly.

In front of me, today, we have their slimline (yet full size) KC 6000 keyboard, as well as a nifty in concept authenticator mouse with an inbuilt fingerprint sensor (that goes by the name MC 4900). I'll admit that these aren't catchy or sexy names, but Cherry has never pretended to be a company that orientates itself toward gamers or those looking for flash. Indeed, I have often wondered why so many gamers gravitate so rapidly toward having a mechanical keyboard when, in reality, gaming on a decent membrane deck is perfectly fine and - let's be honest - much cheaper. I mean, I know why, of course. The feeling of mechanical switches is significantly improved over your average £10 job from Argos or Walmart, and if you are going to be gaming/typing on a board for a while, you may as well use something that feels nice.



This will not be a long review, given that both products are almost solely the sum of their own parts, with very little extra going. As always with peripheral reviews, I must emphasize the subjective nature of covering products like this. One man's tonic is another man's poison, or so the similar saying goes. I may love these products, or I may not, just as much as you may like or dislike them.

I will also take a moment to mention the somewhat unique aspect of the MC 4900, and it will force me to change my normal reviewing criteria. It is clear, just from looking at it, that this product is not for everyone, and has - potentially - a very narrow user base. Until the conclusion, I will conduct this review like any other. However, come that time, I will take into account this product's fairly evident differentiating factor, and exactly what it means for the buyer.


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