CeBIT 2009 tradeshow coverage

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Guru3D CeBit 2009 tradeshow coverage

It's 2009 and this year's CeBIT was held this week. 2009, the year where everybody tries to fight off the economic state in the world. A year where there were 10% less exhibitors at CeBIT, but also a year that had surprisingly much to show at CeBIT.

CeBIT is likely the biggest ICT exhibition in the world, and there definitely is a shift. Where the exhibition in the past years really was for business visitors, channel and press, this year around you can see many more end-users at the fair grounds. In terms of new technology related to you guys, there really wasn't much to show this year with an exception or two here and there.

CeBIT 2009 -

And though the CeBIT for us means running from appointment to appointment, as we always do, we did try to shoot photos whenever we felt like it and noticed something interesting.

CeBIT 2009 -

This article, as always will be more of a photo shoot of new, upcoming or interesting products with some captions here and there. We hope you'll enjoy it. Next page please, where we enter Hall 21 of the Messe fairgrounds.

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