CeBIT 2008 - Part 4 - Booth Babes

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CeBIT 2008 - Part 4 - Booth Babes CeBIT 2008 - Part 3 CeBIT 2008 - Part 2 CeBIT 2008

CeBIT 2008 - The Booth Babes


Okay then people, it's time for the raw meat. To the straight girls that visit this article .. I'm sorry ! In this article all cute & gorgeous babes of the CeBIT. Yet also the most awful booth babes, and the most sad one. yes you have arrived at the part where Guru3D handles the most unprofessional journalism you can think off.

CeBIT 2008 -

Guys, remember this photo please ... I took it at day one of my visit and at the end of the article we'll discuss Miranda here a little.

CeBIT 2008 -

See for any company, that's well invested money right there. Excellent return of investment.

CeBIT 2008 -

Humana humana.

CeBIT 2008 -

A Razer (Gaming mouses) chick, easily one of the more beautiful girls.

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