CeBIT 2004 Editorial

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Page 1 - CeBIT 2004 an Introduction

rounddefault-cebit2004.jpgHey everyone, it's that time of the year again, the time that all manufacturers worldwide gather up their best products and staff and go to Hanover Germany for a few weeks. Why, it's the CeBIT, the biggest IT exhibit that takes place in Europe every year. Roughly a million visitors and well over 8000 exhibitors are present on that CeBIT.

CeBIT is focusing on the professional visitor, rather than the end-user.  The majority of exhibitors were IT/Enterprise oriented, and only handfuls in attendance were for the consumer level.

DSC03931.JPGentering the 'Messe Halle' premises

One can imaging that such a sized exhibit has it's disadvantages. Therefore we focus purely on what was interesting for, that means graphics cards, mainboards and the usual nifty gadgets we ran into that made us say ... ooh look that !

The mission on this visit was to seek more info on ATI's R420 and NVIDIA's NV40 + the new technology that we can expect the upcoming months, which for graphics cards and mainboards is of course focused at PCI-Express. I have compiled a pictorial of over 75 images for you, if you have a modem dialup, you better be prepared for some serious long loading time since all pages will be about 200kb or larger in size ! This is not a high-profile difficult to read and understand article. Just easy going material and a lot of photo's.

Have fun, I know I did. The first stop will be ATI Technologies.

Once inside one of the 35+ Halls we slowly begin to accept the fact that this is going to be a long and tiresome day.

Abit was wondering 'If it's Guru'. Hey ABit, for sure dudes !

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