Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 VGA performance

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COD MF2Last week the long awaited sequel to Call of Duty Modern Warfare was released -- COD Modern Warfare 2 probably has been one of the biggest anticipated PC game titles this year. Over the weekend I finally had time to play the game only to get caught up in it after just minutes of game play.

Once you get the feel for the game, you are hooked and though a somewhat disturbing airport level is a little confusing and bothersome, the rest of the single player game is just outstanding. It's like that: the further you get into the game, the better is gets, especially at Act III you just can't stop playing the single player campaign.

Short -- that's what the game feels like. I played the entire campaign in roughly an hour or five or something, but it certainly didn't disappoint -- Sir no Sir. The graphics as always are immersive and nice, the graphics engine is getting outdated though. It's the same 3D engine they used for the original Call of Duty Modern Warfare. Infinity Ward did squeeze and tweak every little graphical optimization out of it, ensuring the the graphics quality still is up-to par with modern age games and most of all, that makes it playable for a large audience with an even larges variety of graphics cards.

This is we have a fetish for graphics cards and games, as such we took no less than twenty-three graphics configurations and put performance to the test.

Over the next few pages a word or two about the game, some image quality comparisons and obviously a nice lengthy VGA chart ranging from monitor resolution 1280x1024 up-to 2560x1600 measured with and with out AA.

How much of a graphics card will you need to play this game ? Well let's find out you guys.


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