BFG GeForce GTX 280 OCX review

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BFG GeForce GTX 280 OCX edition

Product: GeForce GTX 280 OCX
Manufacturer: BFG
SKU code: BFGEGTX2801024OCXE
Information: website
Street price: 449 USD

Earlier on we already brought you a review on BFG's OCX series of products. OCX is short for 'Overclocking eXtreme' and it literally boils down to the fact that this is BFG's most high-end specced product in whatever the product range might be. Today we take the fastest NVIDIA graphics card available on the planet. The GeForce GTX 280. A 1400 million transistor counting piece of merchandise that raises the bar of single-GPU graphics processing.

It's also a product that has been haunted and jinxed ever since AMD released their RV770 based product and delivered a pretty big can of whoop'ass at NVIDIA's doorsteps.

The good thing about competition is that NVIDIA had to adapt their strategy. One of the big markers changed in that approach was to lower the pricing model of the top part of  NVIDIA products. The GeForce GTX 280 dropped from an astoundingly overpriced 650 USD towards a way more interesting price. Though the MSRP is now set at 339 USD you can find (check here) the standard GTX 280 already for 419 USD ! And that certainly changed the dynamics, as that's a 35% price drop, making the GTX 280 way more flexible to place onto the market, and actually appealing to purchase.

Now back to OCX. If you are willing to spend that MSRP on this product, you can actually buy the OCX model, and as our review will show you that is not a bad deal. It comes pre-overclocked (a significant OC actually), has a life-time warranty, and even a trade-up program. Next to that the bundle is pretty awesome with included HDMI cable and adapter. All good stuff we'll happily talk you through in this article.

So over the next few pages, a brief into to the GeForce GTX 280, the BFG GeForce GTX 280 OCX bundle and a little chat about warranty, some comparative tests between the reference clocked models and this OCX version and obviously that juicy verdict of our analysis.

But first a quick peek at the demonic product we are reviewing today in our test-environment. And I say demonic as the core domain frequency of this product is clocked at the number of the dark beast himself  ... 666.

BFG GeForce GTX 280 OCX edition

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