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Final Words & Conclusion

The Verdict

This PSU is a beast, so for a really proper review, we'd need to have massively capable load testing equipment worth thousands dollars. We do not have that equipment. As such the review can be considered fairly subjective. I however know hardware and recognize quality, and I am confident this is a top notch product.

The closest real-world thing we could do was load up the PSU with really power hungry components and then stress test it in a real-world environment. There's something to be said for this method as well. Having 1200 Watts at your disposal is very extreme though. Heck you might as well go for a 800 Watt PSU if you'd try to replicate our test shown today. And though recently on the web we have seen a lot of discussion regarding the validity of using an 1000+ KW power supply. My thesis never failed me; I simply like to have reserves and not once did I ran into a stability issue or got an overheated PSU just because I know the PSU will never be an issue (for me). It's been long ago since I switched to kilowatt power supplies for our test systems, and this choice has never failed me.

I am very comfortable with the knowledge of always having enough power and to never have to worry about a PSU not being able to handle what I like to do. Well, this choice is debatable and of course your call really. You do not need a 1200 Watt PSU, but it's a nice reassurance that whatever you throw at the PC, or try to do with tweaking and overclocking, it will never be an issue. And please don't get confused ...  a 1200 Watt PSU does not consume 1200 Watt. It consumes what your PC requires.

Now if you are an average PC user, don't overclock, have one graphics card, then surely a product like this is not intended for you. But as I've mentioned often in this article, PSUs like these are intended for the high-end enthusiast audience, people like me, Guru3D aficionado's. And yeah ... there's plenty of us to go around alright :)

If this PSU had been hideously expensive at 400-500 USD, then sure .. I would probably not have recommended it as much as I am doing here today. However, the suggested retail price for the BFG EX-1200 will be 249 USD, in e-tail that price will likely be even lower and we think that this is a very good deal.

guru3d-recommended_150px.jpgSo let's sum things up. We have a PSU which could have been called the incredible Hulk. We think it's very efficient, it runs really silent even when stressed. It has a nice dark style and color. The cables are modular, sleeved and lengthy (50 CM). Despite being a 1200 Watt power supply it has a regular ATX PSU size. During our tests we monitored several voltage rails really closely, which remained absolutely stable. 

Also, BFG tops the product off with a life-time warranty. Other than that, there just really is nothing whatsoever to comment on this BFG EX-1200. I do hope to see some more reviews on the web soon, perhaps from a site with access to a load tester where ripple could be measured. But my gut feeling here is that the BFG EX-1200 will do a splendid job really.

So yeah, I remember buying my first KW PSU for roughly 400~450 USD. This one is 1200 Watts, smaller, more silent, absolutely stable and very versatile for 150 USD less. Despite being overkill I seriously do not know why I should not recommend it. We like the BFG EX-1200, very much. And as such comes very much recommended.

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