BFG ES 800 Watt PSU review

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1 - Introduction

BFG 800 Watt ES PSU review
BFG 800 Watt ES series PSU
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BFG 800 Watt ES PSU reviewShiatsu ... you know every now and then I have an epiphany where I  review a product and figure .. how much more can be developed in a PSU? See, these PSU reviews tend to get a little dull to write as well; you consistently write about a that big amount of current flowing to you computer peripherals.

Today the turn goes to BFG's new ES line of power supplies, and this might be the black sheep of PSU's, as looking at it from a bit of distance .. it's a regular, non out of the ordinary PSU. Black, nothing modular, looks are okay though. That literally was my first impression.

Then I hooked it up, 'is it switched on yet ?' .. 'yeah  it is' .. I just didn't hear a thing. Pure silence. Nice sleeved and long cables was my second impression. Wow .. then I stumble into the PCIe connectors for your graphics card(s) .. four of them where two of these have additional 2-pin header making them 8-pin compatible. This editor slowly starts to smile now, then he looks at the AMPs distribution for the voltage rails 3 & 4 for 12 Volts dedicated to graphics ... woah .. 36 Amps a piece, that's massive.

So I could end the review right here & now, this thing is bangin'

But no-no, we had to do it the hard way. Six page review minimum, but we'll prolly end up at near 10 pages or something like that. Ah well here we go again, we need to show it all:

Hello everybody, and welcome to yet another PSU review. As you were able to read from that pretty tedious introduction; today we'll be peek at BFG's latest offering. They recently launched their ES line of power supplies. And yes, it's just a really good product line. The product is going back to the basics a little, no extra USB ports, flashing LEDs and west coast customs spray paint .. no just a nice design black painted and cable sleeved PSU. The model we'll test has a 800 Watt rating. This is a BFG PSU meaning it's made with one thing in mind; building a high-end PC and keeping that rig stable. Will BFG be able to penetrate that difficult uber-high-end enthusiast market then?

We'll obviously put that to the test. We'll take a nForce series 7 platform today, slap a Core 2 extreme QX9770 processor on there, overclock until the CPU will scream, 'Brother please ... do we really need to keep doing this?'. Then we'll insert two GeForce 9800 GX2 cards, activate Quad SLI and if the PSU didn't fry by then, we'll stamp and classify it 'stable'.

Next page my man.

BFG 800 Watt ES PSU review


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