be quiet! Pure Rock 2 review

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be quiet! Pure Rock 2
Silent, but not deadly

We review another be quiet! Pure Rock cooler, this round the Pure Rock 2. With more simplified looks and available in silver and black this cooler comes with a single radiator, one fan and is offering cooling performance up-to 150 Watts, enough for any modern processor.

There aren't any lousy performing coolers being produced anymore. For every segment and budget, you can find something you need. The market stabilized, and within the entire range and scope of heatpipe based coolers, there's a specific comfort zone with a similar product available. As a result, most of the coolers available on the market are all adequate at the very least. There are always exceptions to this; there's a handful of manufacturers out there that offer the exciting stuff, the kit and gear that stand out from the cooling crowd, the hardware you and me crave and need so badly... that is in the enthusiast domain of gaming hardware. And that's where we need to make a stop at Be Quiet! as they often tick all the right boxes. Be quiet! has announced their Pure Rock 2, a compact mainstream CPU cooler that offers high physical clearance for any memory module. With a supported TDP of up to 150 watts, this cooler isn't going to set any records; then again it should be fine with any modern age mainstream processor as long as you do not tweak it. Of course, it's a product that is silent, VERY silent. 

  • A high 150W TDP cooling efficiency
  • Four high-performance 6mm heat pipes with HDT technology
  • Asymmetrical construction avoids blocking memory slots 
  • Pure Wings 2 120mm PWM fan for silent operation of max. 26.8 dB(A)
  • Brushed aluminum finish
  • Easily installable installation kit can be mounted from atop the mainboard
  • Three-year manufacturer’s warranty

Pure Rock 2 is equipped with four 6mm heat pipes that have aluminium caps. This is key to its cooling performance because they transport the heat to optimum locations on the cooling fins. The asymmetrical construction does not block memory slots, saves space and makes Pure Rock 2 compatible with a full set of RAM modules. It is also very convenient to install, thanks to the fact you can mount it from above the motherboard. Pure Rock 2 is equipped with a Pure Wings 2 120mm PWM fan, which has received accolades for its low noise level of no more than 26.8 decibels, even when the fan is spinning at its maximum speed of 1,500 rpm. Nine airflow-optimized fan blades reduce noise-generating turbulence and increase air pressure, while the four high-performance 6mm heat pipes with heat pipe direct touch (HDT) technology provide a slightly improved cooling performance compared to the popular preceding model. Thanks to their impeccable build quality, Pure Wings 2 fans have a lifespan of more than 80,000 hours. Customers get a three-year manufacturer’s warranty for Pure Rock 2. The cooler is compatible with all current CPU sockets from Intel and AMD (except TR4 and sTRX4) and fits best on motherboards for mainstream processors with up to four memory slots. Pure Rock 2 will be available a retail price of €39 / $39 / £33.99 (Silver) or €44 / $44 / £38.99 (Black). But let's start up the review, next page, please.



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