be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 Rev.2 review

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 be quiet! DARK BASE PRO 900 rev. 2 
That enthusiast class chassis tweaked to be even better

So like be quiet! felt a need to improve on their flagship chassis, the 'new' Dark Base 900 PRO v2 on the outside looks similar to the one released two years ago - but they applied some tweaks and improvements. Dark, style and feature-rich and obviously silent with the help of noise dampening are just a few features that come to mind. The 900 Pro once again has been fitted with a coated tempered glass, the chassis will offer noise isolation thanks to padded dampening, well that and the use of some faster spinning Pure Wings 3 fans (three of them). As such we review the updated revision 2 quiet! Dark Base 900 Pro. Their case has been overhauled a bit with a new fan controller, new Silent Wings 3 fans, a PSU shroud cover, USB 3.1 Gen 2 support as well as 12V LED strip compatibility. The Pro model still retains that sweet Qi wireless charger for your phone. So yeah, silent fans and improved fan controller and LED support. Have a peek at the product we'll review today.

Released back in June 2016, the chassis still breathes aesthetics and offers a quality feel. Depending on the color combination you choose, the chassis is made with a dark interior. There are three color options available - black and orange, black and silver, or all-black (our sample). The Dark Base 900 PRO comes with a Qi wireless charger for your (compatible) smart-phone, e.g. the latest Galaxy 6 and upwards, as well as RGB LED lighting and more fan connectors. The LED lighting system has been improved, you can select colors and anims, but also link up and sync with your motherboard (12V) RGB solution. As mentioned, the PRO model has a tempered glass window. You might not realize it, but revision2 is a mid-tower chassis sized 243mm x 586mm x 577mm and made of a combination of metal, aluminum and also that tempered glass (4mm). You can house E-ATX, XL-ATX ranging down towards Mini-ITX motherboards in there. Storage things have changed with a visual aim, you can't complain about that as you'll see. be quiet! supplies multiple HDD trays, spaces for optical (3.5" trays can house 2.5" units), at the backside of the motherboard tray there's another SSD tray as well. The trays and bays can obviously be installed as part of a modability system. It is also a key feature of this chassis that you can install what you need. Besides a lot of room for HDDs, there is also proper room for large CPU coolers up to 185mm high and extra long VGA cards (32cm) and power supplies up-to a maximum length of 284mm. Included are three 140mm Silent Wing 3 fans, all connected to an adjustable fan controller. That controller has been improved (stepless dual-rail fan controller). Also on the PCB side of this controller, you can now switch in-between silent and performance modes. Included as well are two LEDs.  But hey, this is just the introduction, let's start up the review shall we?

Have an initial peek first though!


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