ASUS Transformer Prime Review

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ASUS Transformer Prime Tablet

A meet and greet with the TF201...

Transformers, robots in disguise... Oh hey guys! Yeah, I was testing this Transformer Prime tablet all week long and the original Transformers title song just sticks doesn't it? :)

Alright alright, I won't make any lame puns on the Hasbro lawsuit that ASUS is facing for utilizing the name 'Transformer Prime'.

Ever since the first Android tablets arrived a year or two ago, things have been developing fast. ODMs and chip designers jumped onto the bandwagon fast as PC sales are declining while, much like the initial netbook market, the tablet market is on the rise.

Slowly but steadily the tablet market is stabilizing as well, but tablets are here to stay. The easy to use light-weight portable screens allow you to browse Guru3D, check your mail, the weather and latest news.

ASUS Transformer Prime TabletGroningeeeeen!

Things continuously evolve, the latest chipsets like Tegra 3 offer near laptop functionality at low power consumption, next to that the one thing a tablet isn't... is productive. So ASUS adapts to that with the Transformer series for which you'll receive a keyboard dock.

I tell ya... slowly but steadily tablets will transform back into notebooks again, and once the two merge the circle will be complete.

For this release something grand happened though, quad-core technology. The quad-core Tegra 3 based Eee Pad Transformer Prime is an unbelievable product. Fast, thin and huge in specs, but sure... very expensive.

Before we start off a wahaaay too long review I first would like to invite you to watch the above video. That way you'll have a better feeling and grasp as to what we are testing and how it runs before diving into the technology and benchmarks.

And before you ask, yes, we have updated the Prime with the latest version of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Have a peek, after which we'll continue the written part of this review.

Okay, how about that huh? Let's have a look at the product, its specs and features. Let's go bumblebee... to the next page.

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