ASUS STRIX B550-F Gaming review

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ASUS STRIX B550-F Gaming (Wi-Fi) review
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We review the new STRIX B550-F Gaming Wi-Fi motherboard from ASUS. This board is aimed and priced in a more mainstream fashion but still is fitted with features like AX WIFI6 and 2.4 GigE as well as a set of M2 SSD slots.

All Ryzen processors Gen processors are supported on this board. An 8+4 pin dual pin connector already indicates a strong VRM, and this motherboard as such has 12+2 phases. ASUS applies a somewhat more simplified shielded design, optimized for cooling, and armed with a proper feature set for that Ryzen processor. It also has and has nice hidden M2 slots, two of them. The motherboard has been fitted with the usual suspects and then some, including a 2.5 Gigabit (Intel) ethernet and then WIFI6 in the form of AX. When it comes to audio you will run into an ALC 1220 Codec from Realtek. B550, believe it or not, the B series typically are business (quick add-in) motherboards, or for consumers, we refer to it as the B for budget. Alongside the Ryzen 3 3000 series, there is X570, and now a B550 chipset for socket AM4 processors. PCI Gen 4.0 still is applied to the x16 slot and one M2 slot (the processor provides it (you need a Ryzen 3000 processor for PCIe Gen 4.0, older procs will offer PCIe Gen 3.0). The B550 chipset and DMI uplink otherwise are all PCIe Gen 3.0. 

Little about the ASUS ROG Strix B550-F Gaming [WI-FI] can be referred to as 'budget' though, as this easily could be a premium motherboard due to its features and a $229 USD price tag. The board as stated is positioned in an higher end region of what is considered the mainstream segment, it does look properly STRIX styled, stuff we like of course. Also, the new board has some interesting new features Have a peek, and then let's head onwards into the review my man.  



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