ASUS ROG THOR 1200W Power Supply review

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The Norse God of War - Pure gold platinum?

We review the all-new ASUS ROG THOR power supply from ASUS, we'll peek at the new 1200 Watt Platinum certified model. ASUS aims to release a powerful, efficient and very aesthetically pleasing unit, for the biggest PC aficionados.

Let's face it whenever ASUS stamps a product with a ROG logo, things are a little more enthusiastic then need to be. The THOR is such an example, while most people will never even see the PSU in their chassis, ASUS embedded RGB lighting (Aura sync compatible) as well as a little OLED display that will show your actual measured power consumption (wall side). The looks are just downright terrific. It's not just that though, Seasonic (actually a massively modified PRIME) is the OEM behind this PSU and we all know they make marvelous power supplies, with a bill of materials supplied to them and increased heatsinks for cooling ASUS wanted to bring a PSU series to the market that sets itself aside from others.

And with a 1200 Watt unit, they certainly do. The question remains though, who really needs a 1200 Watt power supply these days? Yep, that's likely far less than 0.01 %? Luckily ASUS is also releasing a far better suited 850 Watt model, which also is more affordable as the 1200W model will cost you a steep $349,- whereas the 850W model can be spotted for $249,-

  • ROG heatsinks and dust-resistant, IP5X-certified Wing-blade fan offer extended component lifespan and 0dB operation
  • Certified 80 PLUS Platinum power delivery, with high-end Japanese capacitors and premium components
  • Featuring integrated OLED Power Display for real-time power consumption monitoring
  • Addressable RGB LEDs for advanced customization and lighting control with Aura Sync-compatible ASUS ROG motherboards

We review that 1200 Watt model though,  the series is an 80 Plus Platinum efficiency power supply designed to support overclocking processors and multiple graphics cards at once. Bronze and Silver are the more affordable units, but truthfully Gold or Platinum and Titanium is what you want, that upper stack in hardware is more expensive though.  ASUS applied their IP5X-certified 14mm wing-blade fan and Aura Sync. The age of dull beige painted PCs is gone, Eye-catching is that OLED screen that shows the delivered power of the power supply in real time. With the ever-growing popularity of efficient and silent power supplies, this is a fully modular unit one HUGE 12V rails.


Over the years the power supply got another function; aesthetics. It needs to look nice. By organizing cables and by giving you the option to actually choose the wires you want to use, another problem was solved. We call it cable management these days. The PSU is 100% modular, next to that all primary (except storage cables) are sleeved black complementing the overall design. ASUS is confident that their PSU will last you a long time, you receive 10-years of warranty, however just 3-years for the OLED and RGB system. A little weird right?

Anyway, let's move onwards into the review.

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