ASUS ROG STRIX Scope keyboard review

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Asus ROG Strix Scope gaming keyboard Keyboard

ASUS offers a new model in their keyboard line, the ROG STRIX Scope RGB version has been fitted with Cherry MX red switches with full RGB LED lit keys that can be animated and profiles. It's a keyboard aimed at FPS gamers which you can find un small subtleties like the width of the left Control (Ctrl) key, it is twice the usual size. A key that is often used to "crouch" in FPS games. Include replicable WASD keys used by gamers to move their characters in games are also clearly marked in silver. The keyboard stays close to other models in terms of the overall basis and concept, it comes with cherry red type switches that have 45g actuation force, too.  The Asus ROG Strix Scope keyboard adds a competitive and compact edge to a very saturated list of gaming keyboards from so many brands out there.

The keyboard comes as a full-size mechanical keyboard that however is on of the smaller keyboards builds out there, it is compact. Asus has managed to achieve a relatively small form factor and made it an all-black design to fit the current look of any Game PC. The Scope makes use of Cherry MX RGB switches, there are multiple flavors available inclu brown, blue and red, I think I noticed a silent version as well. Your typical hardcore FPS gamer will say that Cherry MX provides them with the necessary mechanical action and responsiveness needed for FPS games. it also comes with a keycap that fascinated me ...


That is a Stealth function on the F12 key right there. Basically it will minimize your currently open apps to the tray, as well as mute your master volume by simply pressing it. As to why it has been embedded, well ... who will tell? perhaps you need to privacy while watching cat videos at work? 

Available out of the box are 10 preset backlight schemes for the RGB galore that you can select by pressing the Fn key together with either the left or right arrow keys. Awkwardly enough the keyboard does not have dedicated keys for media playback or volume control. The media controls are shared with the Function keys at the top row. I say awkwardly as the  F5 towards F12 keys can only be activated by pressing an extra Fn key. That we feel should have been the other way around as it is mighty confusing.  The product is priced at 149 USD (MSRP) running towards 200 USD when opting for other switch variations, which certainly is steep. Will it be worth it? Let's have a peek at that first ... and then browse our way into the review, in a colorful fashion.



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