Asus ROG Rapture GT6 Mesh router review

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ASUS ROG Rapture GT6 Tri band Gaming Mesh Router
A mesh router series for gamers

ASUS is among the best-known brands in the PC gaming industry, offering various devices ranging from graphics cards to gaming monitors, mice, and keyboards. The company has also been producing gaming-focused routers under its Republic of Gamers brand in recent years. However, ASUS ROG Gaming was not present specifically in the gaming mesh wireless systems market until now. The company has launched a gaming mesh Wi-Fi system, the ASUS ROG Rapture GT6. The ASUS ROG Rapture GT6 is an excellent mesh Wi-Fi system for gamers, packed with plenty of gaming-specific tools and features. ASUS has also included security, parental controls, VPN, and Dual-WAN capabilities, making this product suitable for a broad range of audiences. The ASUS ROG Rapture GT6 has several other advantages, including a beautiful design aimed at Republic of Gamers brand fans, excellent build quality and cooling, and the ability to use 2.5 Gbps internet connections. It also includes a USB 3.2 Gen 1 port, good performance when using Wi-Fi 6 on the 5 GHz bands, and a vast array of features for gamers and advanced users. Additionally, it offers top-notch security tools and parental controls. The Asus ROG Rapture GT6 is a mesh router it offers support for the UNII-4 spectrum (very handy if you cannot connect each mesh over LAN). Compared to other mesh routers, the GT6 stands out with its full complement of four Ethernet ports, including one that supports 2.5Gbps. Users can also combine/team two 1Gbps ports to achieve a wired speed of 2Gbps for NAS or desktop PC connections. Additionally, the router includes a USB 3.2 port, a feature not commonly found in mainstream mesh routers.

The GT6 operates as a tri-band router, with one 2.4GHz channel and two 5GHz channels, one of which is reserved as a dedicated wireless backhaul to improve wireless performance. However, users can manually change this setting and use the reserved Wi-Fi channel for clients if the units are connected via wired LAN (Ethernet backhaul). In terms of performance, the GT6 in our tests managed a throughput performance of almost 900Mbps on a suibngle link 5 Ghz connections, which demonstrated impressive signal range and coverage. This is a noteworthy improvement compared to other mesh router systems, which typically experience significant speed dips in remote locations. But let's dig a little deeper into this router, aka mesh series (and yes each unit is in fact a router).

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