ASRock Z270 Gaming K6 Fatal1ty review

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ASRock Z270 Gaming K6 Fatal1ty
ASRock going high-end on the new Kaby Lake platform 

In this review we'll discuss the ASRock Z270 Gaming K6 Fatal1ty in a wide variety of benchmarks and situations with a Core i5 7600K processor. Join us as we review yet another Kaby Lake ready motherboard. This is the all new ASRock Z270 Gaming K6 Fatal1ty edition with nice black/red looks and an AURA RGB LED system that can be controlled from the EUFI BIOS. ASRock enhanced a thing or two on this motherboard, including an easier to tweak environment, dual M2 slots, enhanced audio and two Gigabit jacks from Intel. Kaby Lake processors for the desktop platform have been released and even though you'd think it is an all new chip, it is however merely a respin seen from Skylake, meaning both series processors are Socket 1151. This also means that IF you are in the market for a new series 7000 processor, your H170 or Z170 motherboard can be compatible with Kaby Lake after a motherboard BIOS upgrade. The new series Kaby Lake processors are fairly energy efficient, still as powerful as they have been for years. If you are interested in new technologies like Intel Optane, you will however need to upgrade to a Z270 and H270 range motherboard. This new Z270 platform offers supports for Optane SSDs and offers supports for slightly faster DDR4 memory.


As you are going to find out, Gaming K6 Fatal1ty edition proper looking motherboard with black and red color elements. The motherboard has been fitted with the latest that technology can house like up-to 3866+ MHZ XMP DDR4 memory, the fastest NVMe PCIe and M.2. storage unit support (two of them) and some really nice looks.  The K6 thus comes with two M.2. slot. The steel armored PCIe slots pop out, and ASRock improved on the Realtek 1220 audio codec by using Nichicon capacitors for this 7.1 channel audio ready setup, as well as a Creative Labs Sound Blaster Cinema 3 software suite bringing a 120 dB SNR to this platform. 

Much like pretty much all other motherboard anno 2017, RGB LEDs are here as well. ASrock once again did it clever though, no nagging forced to load up software in windows, no you can control it from the BIOS. Obviously there is a lot more going on, what we like for example is that this motherboard offers two Intel Gigabit Ethernet jacks. Armed with that Z270 chipset this motherboard offers three x16 slots: 1x PCIe 3.0 x16and three 3.0 x1. But yeah. But let's get on with the review, next page please.

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