Arctic A35/I35 A-RGB air coolers review

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Arctic Freezer Arctic Freezer A35/I35 air coolers review

Arctic (a german manufacturer) these days is mainly recognizable from their Liquid Freezer II, which we reviewed as a 280 non-RGB version, 240 ARGB, and 360 ARGB. Still, today, we are examining two air coolers from the Arctic: an A35/I35 A-RGB. Why two in one review? That’s mainly because each is dedicated to the CPU from a different producer. A35 is aimed at the AM5/AM4 platform, and the i35 is for Intel’s 1700, 1200, 1155, 1151, and 1150 sockets.



This attitude is definitely original, but if it’s good? Well, not, as people do not always stay on one side of the CPU battle, and if they would like to change from AM4 to s.1700 or the other way around – they wouldn’t be able to use one of the presented coolers. But let’s show the additional information about them.



Both are single-tower design coolers with a four-heat pipe tower layout and 54 aluminum fins (which are 0.4 mm thick). The Arctic Freezer Arctic Freezer A35/I35 (Fluid Dynamic Bearing) 4-pin fan has an extensive RPM range of 200 to 1700. The noise level is 0.35 Sone. The size of the cooler is 91 x 133 x 158.5 mm (Length/Width/Height), and the weight is 746 g (for the Intel version) and 734 g (for the AMD variant). Of course, there’s an available RGB this time (but there are the versions without this feature), with a 3pin 5V connector and a 450 mm cable with an 80 mm sharing cable.


 We want to remind you that we’re using the Alder Lake processor to check the cooler (previously, there were Intel Core i9 9900K and the 10850K). We’ll check if this air cooler will handle the AMD Ryzen 7 3700X and Intel Core i9 12900K. The warranty period is six years (so it’s much longer than the usual two-three that the competition offers). You’ll now get an MX-5 thermal paste (0.8 g) in the bundle. The price of Arctic Freezer A35/I35 is ~50 EUR. It’s not the cheapest in the market, for sure. But will it be worth it? So let’s head to the specs/feature page, shall we?

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