Alphacool Ready2Go Stacker (Passive)

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Alphacool  Coolermaster Stacker Silver with preinstalled watercooling  Ready2Go Copyright 2006

Alphacool Ready2Go Stacker

It was merely weeks ago when we first reviewed a product from AlphaCool. Their Alphacool Cool Answer III was the first ever Guru3D Alphacool product review and it really impressed us because that Alphacool Cool Answer III 120 Compact had no external boxes and no difficult installation procedure. You just mount a waterblock on the processor, mount the Cool Answer III unit, connect it to a Molex connector and you are good to go with your fixed water-cooling solution bro. It's even pre-filled with coolant and everything.

In that review I also promised you guys that in the near future would be looking at one of their frighteningly posh passively cooler water-cooler systems. That is exactly what we'll do today.

My friends, be prepared to be amazed as this is one of the coolest (in a figurative sense and literally) water-cooled systems you have ever seen. But first, let me tell you who AlphaCool are and what they do.

AlphaCool is a German based company that specializes in wide range of cooling and (pre-)modified solutions. Their "core" business however is water-cooling. Browsing through their product line will amaze you as whether you need a single small component, pre-modified water-cooled PC or even a complete PC water-cooled, this is a really good place to do your shopping. You can order their products online but also through a various e- and retailers here in Europe. They offer IRC support, support through phone, email and forums. So from a generic perspective they are looking quite good.
Today we will be publishing a second article on one of their products. The product is targeted at the high-end enthusiast consumer. A consumer that hates noise and is willing to invest in that all-in-one solution. In the coming pages you'll be amazed how clever this system is setup, delivered and manufactured. What do you hate the most about water-cooling ? Exactly, the installation. You often have to modify your PC, remove your mainboard, make space to mount the radiator and even drill some holes for the fans. It can be quite complicated.

Alphacool can deliver pre-fitted and modified PC Cases with water-cooling (prefilled and leak tested) installed. Today Guru of 3D will test the Coolermaster Stacker Silver with preinstalled passive water-cooling from their Ready2Go series of products.

Pretty much install your components and you are good to go. The beauty of this beast is the fact that it is passive water-cooling, the only thing connected to the power circuit is an inaudible pump. That means this system just does not make any noise, at least not that we can hear.

Are you ready to go ? And yes that's that great song from Republica ! Next page please.

Alphacool  Coolermaster Stacker Silver with preinstalled watercooling  Ready2Go Copyright 2006

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