Albatron GeForce 6800 GT 256 MB review

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Copyright 2004Product: GeForce 6800 GT 256 MB GDDR3Series: Trinity 6600GT
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Heya Guru's it's time for a new Albatron review. Come to think of it... it's been a while since we tested one of their videocards and I actually had to check. Yes, the lovely GiGi GeForce 5950 Ultra back in January was the last reviewed product. You'll agree with me that since January a lot has changed in the graphics industry. Of course Albatron jumped in the GeForce Series 6 bandwagon and in stores you'll find a wide variety of that product line from Albatron. Today's review will be all about the Trinity GeForce 6800 GT, based on NVIDIA's 6800 GPU and armed with 256MB 256-bit GDDR3 memory. Oh and if you are wondering about the name Trinity... yes I look things up.

Copyright 2004n. pl. trin·i·ties

  1. A group consisting of three closely related members. Also called trinity.
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Ooohwkaaay... let's move on to more important stuff.

Next to Gigabyte, Albatron is one of my personal favorite manufacturers. They have a strong and solid research and development team and produce high quality products at a steady pace and at an affordable price. Besides that, most of their products have had a good reputation in terms of tweaking, mainboards for example. Almost all test systems and PC's here in the office (and there are quite a few) have the Gigabyte or Albatron label on it.

The GT is the same product as the 6800 Ultra, yet clocked 50 MHz slower and has slightly less memory bandwidth. That's the biggest difference... oh and hey... 100 USD bucks cheaper! Gosh I almost forgot that didn't I ? The Geforce 6800 GT sounds like a Grand Tourismo rally car and is priced exactly at the same level as the Radeon x800 Pro. That product has 4 pipes less (12 pixel pipelines). The GT is superior on paper performance and feature wise. For me personally the GT is the best product this year, so far when we combine factors like bang for your bucks, features and so on.

GeForce 6800GT is an unleashed beast at a nice price. It produces less heat and has just one Molex connector compared to the Ultra version. NVIDIA's new lineup of graphics cards within Series 6 is rapidly expanding though; ever since they figured out they had a special graphics core in their hands. Right now we can see several new products. Among them are the GeForce 6800 LE and the new mid-end GeForce 6600 series. Basically the LE is the low cost version in the high-end 6800 series that is crippled with only 8 pixel pipelines and a 320/650 MHz frequency for core/memory. The LE is an OEM product and already shipping, not likely to be found in retail.

To get a better overview of the current NVIDIA GeForce 6x00 generation let's place the 6x00 products in a little overview:

NVIDIA GeForce 6800 Product Lineup Specifications

Product Name

# pixel processors

# vertex processors

Bus width

Memory Type/Amount

GPU Speed

RAM Speed

GeForce 6800 Ultra







GeForce 6800 GT







GeForce 6800







GeForce 6800 LE







GeForce 6600 GT 8 3 128-bit GDDR3/128/256MB 500 1000MHz
GeForce 6600 8 3 128-bit GDDR/128MB 300 TBD
GeForce 6610 XL 8 3 128-bit ? ? ?

Suffice to say that you can see from the table above, NVIDIA is rather happy with the Series 6 graphics processor, they announced it in April and look what is saturating the retail and oem market already.

Copyright 2004
Albatron Trinity GeForce 6800 GT 256 MB GDDR3

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