Addlink S90 Lite 2TB NVMe SSD review

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Addlink S90 Lite 2TB M2 SSD (PCIe Gen 4.0)
Good performance - good price level

The S90 Lite NVMe SSD is a cutting-edge storage solution that utilizes the latest technology to deliver impressive performance. It is equipped with the latest Gen4x4 NVMe controller and 176-layer 3D TLC NAND flash, making it compatible with the latest Intel and AMD PC and laptop platforms. With storage capacities of up to 2TB and speeds of up to 5000MB/s, the S90 Lite is an ideal choice for those who demand the highest levels of performance. The S90 Lite is built on the PCIe Gen4x4 and NVMe 1.4 protocols, which provide an interface for achieving sequential read and write speeds of up to 5000/4500 MB per second. This is ten times faster than the speeds offered by a SATA III SSD, making the S90 Lite an excellent choice for high-performance applications such as gaming, video editing, and other demanding tasks. If you're looking for a high-performance SSD that can keep up with the latest computer platforms, the S90 Lite NVMe SSD ican be a great choice. 

The S90 Lite SSD is a high-performance drive that utilizes SLC caching and a host memory buffer (HMB) to achieve maximum random read/write speeds of up to 400K/800K IOPS. Unlike some other SSDs, the S90 Lite does not have a DRAM buffer, but instead uses the host's memory resources to boost performance. With an active power consumption of only 3.9W, the S90 Lite is also energy efficient. To ensure data accuracy and a long lifespan, the S90 Lite also includes advanced features such as LDPC ECC, advanced wear leveling, bad block management, and over-provisioning technology. It also comes with a five-year warranty. The S90 Lite is available in 512GB, 1TB, and 2TB capacities and compatible with PCs and laptops from all major brands and ready for the latest AMD and Intel Gen4x4 platforms.


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