Adata XPG 2933 MHz DDR3 review

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XPG from Adata - Amogst the highest clocked memory you've seen?

DDR3 memory modules you can choose plenty from, the cheap but dull all green Kingston Value memory for example works absolutely fine. Then the regular mainstream DIMMs, then step it up a little and say high-frequency memory is a hint faster and often cooler looking inside your PC with the fancy designs and heatspreaders. Then there's enthusiast grade memory for the performance enthusiasts, which is what we will look at as Adata has released V3 of their XPG series memory. The two DIMMs we received from them clock in at an amazing 2933 MHz, considering that a lot of you run your memory at 1333 or 1600 MHz, that's nearly double the memory frequency. But how will that relate to performance?

Stylish RAM memory for the people that need fast performance, the people that build their own PCs, perhaps customize it a little. In that mindset ADATA released new XPG memory kits. Not cheap, but pretty cool with great looks and frequencies rating up to even PC3-23400 (2933 MHz) that can be enabled with a simple XMP profile in ther BIOS. 

Now we just received a dual channel kit  rated PC3-23400 (2933MHz) at CAS latency 12, and sure this has to be the coolest looking memory kit anno Summer 2014. The end results will be very interesting as we'll simply take this memory seated on a Core i7 4770K / Z97 chipset setup and evaluate it to the baseline performance of other chipsets/processors and their respective reference baseline performance.

Adata will be offering the kits with clock speed of the memory modules ranges from 1,600 to 3,100 MHz. Depending on the version, dual-channel kits with a capacity of 8 and 16 GB are available. Have a peek first.


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