ADATA N005 Pro USB flash drive review

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ADATA N005 Pro

So yes, the USB arena certainly has changed shape once USB 3.0 arrived, USB 2.0 works, but face it... it's darn slow for lots of files or big files, file transfers take ages. As such we where quite happy when USB 3.0 arrived at the scene, but unfortunately we all had to wait a while before real viable USB 3.0 flash disk storage units arrived at the scene.

That slowly changed during Summer 2011, slowly but steadily the market is seeing end-user USB 3.0 flash disks that are easy to carry around and with multi-channel technology can offer really sexy read/write speeds.

As such it's time to review another USB 3.0 flash storage unit. Now there will be plenty of USB 3.0 sticks available but since you are at, we go for bigger and better.

See ADATA recently released a USB stick, all 3.0 compatible and it's called the N005 Pro from their Nobility series of products. We test the 64GB version of this model, and their N005 Pro is fast for USB flash storage alright, the little fracker can get you read performance of 180MB/sec peaks while writing just under 90 MB/sec.

Copying movies, media, heck ISO files onto this stick is so much faster then you are used to, very fast compared to the USB 2.0 standards we all got accustomed to.

Obviously to use a USB 3.0 stick, your motherboards needs a proper functioning USB 3.0 port (USB 3.0 host), after that you're good to go. And if not, sorry my man, but rest assured the device will fallback to USB 2.0 so ya can still use it.

Anyway, let's have a peek at the ADATA N005 Pro USB Flash Drive...

ADATA N005 Pro

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