AC Ryan PlayOn!HD 1TB and Mini review

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AC Ryan PlayOn!HD with a 1TB HDD

AC Ryan Playon!HD


So here we have the Playon!HD 1TB, equipped with a 1TB HDD that needs more space inside the chassis, as such it definitely is a little more bulky at 227 x 166 x 60mm. At the frontside again, the power button though here we are not bothered by an AC Ryan LED activated logo, just that simple blue LED. We like that much better. There's more to this unit connectivity wise though, let's have a look at the backside first.

AC Ryan Playon!HD

We see fairly similar connectivity to the Playon!HD Mini, however we do notice a coaxial audio output as well. It looks like something is missing, but isn't ...

AC Ryan Playon!HD

At the left side of the unit we sport two USB 2.0 Host and one client connector, again for wireless or streaming content from a  USB disk. All the way to the right we also can see a small card reader, quite handy if you like to quickly watch a movie or listen to some music.

AC Ryan Playon!HD


The big difference with the Playon!HD Mini however is the included 1 TB HDD, at 150 EUR you can pick up the entire unit with HDD preinstalled . Should you not want to stream over a NAS server or a network share, you can then conveniently place your content local on the media-player. Should you ever want to swap it out, access to the HDD is easy, remove two screws and you can access it. Up-to 2 TB HDDs are supported. 

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