A-Data 6GB Triple Channel PC3-12800 C8 review

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A-Data DDR3 1600+ Triple Channel memory kit

Product: 6GB Triple Channel Kit (3 x 2GB) 1600+ PC3 12800 CAS8
Manufacturer: Cas Latency Timing: 8-8-8-24 DDR3 1600+
Manufacturer A-Data
Information: website
Street price: 94,95 / 125 USD

It surely has been a while since we tested something from ADATA. Recently we we asked to review some more of their products, and as such today we bring you a review on one of their DDR3 offerings.

We mentioned this a couple of times already, but the memory market is fierce and competitive. All manufacturers are competing with each other on some level. Some go for the crown in high-end performance, others for the most low-budget memory one can sell, and then there's mainstream. Probably the biggest market out there. Especially with the release of Intel's Core i7 processors, a new battleground created itself. In the past weeks we tested many high-end kits in a triple channel configuration.

Awesome stuff really, but the fact is that the uber-high-end performance level also is a very expensive one. If you opt a product that is somewhere in the middle, chances are that you'll be able to purchase some fantastic memory at a great price offering super performance.

Today we test such a kit. A-Data recently released their DDR3-1600+ series memory. This review kit is in particular a 6GB kit triple channel memory kit that is rated PC3 12800 and comes with an okay CAS 8 latency. However it also can address a 1T command rate (if you have no clue what I'm saying here, don't get scaredĀ  .. we'll explain this in the review).

So where we chip in 400~450 USD for an uber high-end kit .. the point I'm trying to make today is that this particular 6GB 1600 MHz CAS8 memory kit sells for roughly 129 USD. And that alone is reason enough to look into it.

Let's head on over to the next page where we start out with theĀ standard memory 101 and then head on over into a photo-shoot showing this product, and of course the test session.

A-Data DDR3 1600+ Triple Channel memory kit

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