3DMark 03 Contest

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The 3DMark 03 Contest

3DMark 03 ContestEver since it's release earlier this year 3DMark 03 has been one of the most popular downloads here on Guru3D.com, last week I was checking some statistics and noticed that we are getting close to 1 million downloads of this product. Yes, you read that right, 1.000.0000 x 180 MB has been served through our servers.gfds.gif


I figured it would be a nice gesture to design a little contest to celebrate this event and contacted FutureMark, within a few emails I was able to get you guys some excellent stuff for a nice giveaway. Today we are starting a contest to commemorate this event and will give away eleven prices.

Let me tell you what the prizes are:

  • 3 pieces of the "Benchmarkers Pro Pack" (3DMark03 Pro, 3DMark2001 SE Pro and PCMark2002 Pro).
  • 3 copies of 3DMark03 Pro CD's
  • 5 pieces of 3DMark03 Pro Download licenses


What do you need to do ? Simple, answer a question. The question might sound difficult, but I guarrantee you that you will find the answer within 30 seconds with our hint !

The Question
In the Multi-Texturing Fille Rate feature test of 3DMark 03 how many textures are applied ?

The Hint



Our 3Dmark contest ended last Sunday, today it's time to give away the prizes. The right answer was 64 applied textures. The hint was so obvious that most of you had it righht. There where several people wrong though.

Over a thousand correct entries was the end result. We took random numbers to give away the prizes. If your name is in there, you'll be contacted through email by us as we need your shipping info.

The winner are:

Benchmarkers Pro Pack(3DMark03 Pro, 3DMark2001 SE Pro and PCMark2002 Pro):

Wilco Prince
Alex Miller

3DMark03 Pro CD's:

Priceputu Alexandru
Mikko Mäkelä
Telly Lek

3DMark03 Pro Download licenses:

Eduardo Luis Tafner
Andries Faassen
Jose Gómez
Michael McInnis
Mark Storie

Once we have your shipping info they will be send out to you (the download licenses will be send to you by email).

Congratulations to all of you, may you enjoy your prizes.





The Rules

  • Staff of Guru3D.com and FutureMark are excluded from the contest.
  • The winner will be announced/notified a few days after the closing date, no correspondence about the contest is possible.
  • The contest will end on November 30, 2003.
  • You can only enter the contest once, IP's are crossmatched.
  • The winner will be announced on the Guru3D.com frontpage.
  • The winner will be drawn at random from all entries.
  • Correspondence about the contest is not possible.

I'd like to add that we'll do nothing with your email address other then use it for the contest. All entries will be deleted after the contest has ended. Your email address won't even be used for out mailing-list. But I'm confident you have subscribed already right ? :)

There you have it ... I wish you all good luck !

The Guru of 3D

3DMark 2003

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