Sony launches waterproof Xperia ZR

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That could be quite handy at the local nudist beach... (Or for those interested in doing actual underwater photography of fishes, plants and stuff like that.) (EDIT: In shallow water.)
Waterproof up to 5 feet? You know what that means to me? Non-changeable battery. It might have been useful if it was actually waterproof, 5 feet, what a joke. So it can be stored in the toilet where it belongs, not many other uses for such low pressure water resistance. You know what Sony should launch? A web store which doesn't take an hour to load, lag and make PS3s crash. I just logged into my PS Network account for the first time in what must have been over a year and it demanded that I download a new PSN Store app... the lag is astounding. As bonus it's even worse than the old PSN Store, no more manual searches, one letter at a time, because you know... Sony assumes typing in a word is beyond the comprehension of console users.
When are they gonna make diveproof phones? 🙂
When you buy the $999.99 DLC for this phone you get an online code for a dive proof one to use when it's released, but the code expires in 6 months, and you can bet it won't be released within that timeframe. You know, the usual.
the sony ericssons were the only sony-related phones worth a thing.
Not really. Xperia Z's build quality is notably better than SIII or even SIV; on par with HTC One IMO.
i mean in terms of market success. the k800i was pretty freaking awesome.
Wow Neo. Some sony hate going on there. Not sure what lag your talking about, other then the store which is loading images up and a fair amount of data. If it was new install of the store, no cache would make it slower. I've used all the consoles to date. 360 was a mess, awful build quality, cheap crap and hardly any decent exclusives. and paying to play online. Wii or Wii u. Same old problem. MARIO MARIO MARIO. Kids machine with little mii's running around. Wii u is dying a painful death. PS3 - Some sweet games, quality build and free online, browser is poorish, and I agree with your comment about search, same with youtube as well. But overall it's been the best console this gen by a mile. As for the phones, I thought the old Sony phones looked ok, but performed poorly and the screens were utter crap, that was when Nokia ruled the waves. These days it's either. APPLE - hate the way they operate, not enough control. no from me. HTC - A lot more open android wise then they used to be. And HTC phones look good. SAMSUNG - S2 still rox, and the rest are just excellent. Sony is trying to jump in with the bigboys phone wise and had to bring something new. Some people will just get it for the underwater part. I just wish it was 30ft or something.
amateur underwater pron just became Public!
But overall it's been the best console this gen by a mile.
Skimmed to this part then stopped reading. Don't talk to me about consoles, seriously, I can tell it would go nowhere and nothing would be gained. We can have a pleasant conversation about something else.
Never had an issue with Sony personally and I quite like the idea of this phone. If the picture quality is good enough I could use it in the swimming pool on my holidays.
I've completely lost track of which phone is what in Sony's alphabet soup of phones. They should take a page from Samsung's book: Galaxy - Flagship phones, with full size and "mini" versions. Note - Extra large flagship phones and tablets, with naming by "size in inches" Tab - Low end Tablets, with naming by "size in inches". It's simple and easily recognizable.
Yeah, I don't like it when manufacturers can't come up with names. Lincoln did the same thing. I have no idea which one is an SUV, or a car anymore.
How effective is the Xperia against condensation? An Apple repair guy told me that they've seen issues with people putting their phone into car cup holders and the remaining condensation from a drink, would get into the ports. This is while I was waiting for a water damaged iPhone.....
I wonder why he'd say such a thing about the Xperia 😉