Review: G.Skill TridentZ Royal DDR4 (3200 MHz)

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great review, impressive memory. but "my eyes, my god my eyes!" still tho' if i was going to do a signature build for somebody this is cheaper than a lot of mods. be-dazzled for RAM, who'd a thunk?
I could see this memory looking great in a watercooled build with chrome fittings and/or metal hardlines. That font though, yeesh, looks like the text on something that would be marketed to grandmothers.
Well this is some very unique looking RAM, I'll give it that! Looks a little chintzy to my eyes though, it wouldn't be one I'd go for. On page 3 the open presentation box pic with the Trident Z Royal dust cloth made me chuckle though! EDIT: Actually, these RAM sticks would look pretty cool if they just had those shiny mirrored metal heat spreaders, but without the jewellery styled RGB element.
Performance wise, G.Skill makes some great RAM products, and those covered in this article look great too! Thank you Hilbert for posting this one.
This why I love these reviews from Hilbert. Great writing, totally consumer and enthusiast focused with tips on free performance when possible. That is classy writing. PS: I do own G.skill ram kits... amazing stuff in terms of minimum game FPS for those games that are affected. The only other RAM article I want to see in the near future would be a focus on OC'ing some RAM kits with CPU bound games like Fallout series, Civilization, Total War, ARMA or even emulators. There is a big enough market of near solely hardcore players that mostly or only play those games, yet they don't have wide access to check which RAM performance kits DO affect those games or game engines due to need for low latency and high bandwidth, not counting CPU IPC. Its like a poker night for those players, they do have one every or every other week.
I dont mind the style on the kits performance looks to be top notch but I just did a quick search here in Canada and they're a 200$ cad premium over other comparable kits albeit with not so good timings and overclocking potential.
I think new bios with agesa from asus make overclock better I have g.skill tridentz 3200 16.18.18 and before update they didn't even post if on any higer clock now I just set 3400 with same timing and post and work without issues
Yeah, it looks like crystal. I can imagine looks very nice inside the case.
Ram for your New Years Eve themed build
Monotype Corsiva is pretty popular these days but I don't think it matches G.Skill font style.
The review is clearly a cut an paste job from a previous review. It mentions Gskill Sniper X under the XMP 2.0 Support & Availability.