Origin PC Gives EVGA Note 7 as Freebee with Every Gaming PC for Battlefeed

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Nvidia's a$$ kissing sell outs... Bribed to complain about how AMD's hardware failure rates too bad. Does anyone remember WHQL 320.18 drivers? Damaged and even fried some GPUs? Some companies would do anything for additional $$$ bill$ and Nvidia should be ashamed of their Tier 0 partners program because it does no good for the consumer nor the industry except their own profits. EDIT: Karma is a B....!
^ What are you babbling on about, the article is about Origin PC giving away Watch Dogs and a Tegra Note.
Babbling or not and I admit completely off topic but seeing as its to do with ORIGEN PC and Nvidia this did give me a flashback. Most have probably already forgotten about the two.
You're making baseless claims:
Wasielewski provided us with a more detailed email response when we raised the payola question with him: ”Not sure who told you that, but I would definitely like to comment on that because we absolutely do not want anyone to get that impression. Our decision is based on the overall experience we provide to our customers. We work with many manufactures and they all provide us with support for technical support, marketing, qualifying products, etc. We are aware that Nvidia works with other system builders along with ORIGIN PC and Nvidia is not providing anything exclusively to ORIGIN PC.”
Origin PC co-founder Richard Cary took to the Origin PC forums with a more detailed claim as to why the company decided to dump AMD graphics cards. "The decision to take AMD GPU’s off the web was made based on support. More Specifically, support from AMD to Origin, and Origin to our customers. Take their last chipset announcement for example. It was another hardware representative that informed us of the new Hawaii chipset. AMD never told us anything about it, nor shared a road map outlining its future integration. When we did get with our AMD representative, we were told that there was a new chipset launching, and we could watch the event live and get answers to our questions. We also asked for samples to start our research and development process, something that is standard in the industry for bleeding edge integrators, and we were met with resistance there... When they did agree to send samples it was for [two] R9 270’s, rather than the R9 280's or 290's that we would be more likely to offer... Moreover, this wasn’t the first time AMD had done something like this to us. Support from AMD to Origin hasn’t been where it should be or up to par like we get from other vendors. In my opinion it's due to our size. We don’t move enough AMD product for them to worry about us. You would think they would work with us to help grow the Origin-AMD business relationship."
http://www.pcworld.com/article/2052184/whats-behind-origin-pcs-decision-to-so-publicly-dump-amd-video-cards-.html The threads been derailed enough, good on Origin, this promotion is pretty damn appealing.
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