Guru3D Rig of the Month - January 2019

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Althought the style's not my particular taste, it looks very well done!
Love the attention to detail, looks very well done.
I like it, the theme and the amount of work that went into it. Epic specs and as former CAD monkey for waterjet and laser cutters I can appreciate the effort that went into the profiled animals
Perfect theme....until the leds were switched on. Arghhhhhhh, gosh no.
Wow, a lot of work went into that! The aesthetic of the front reminds me of an old amp that you might attach to an electric guitar - I guess that goes with the old school music theme.
That's truly a thing of beauty.
That's some really amazing work. Those barbed-wire fan grills would actually be a nice look on any PC. Haha though, the rainbow LEDs would work better for a Dark Side of the Moon theme.
Omfg. That Rocks. Funny and serious as you like, love it to bits, fantastic. 🙂
absolutely fantastic! <3
Rig of the month? Really? I don't doubt for a second he invested a lot of time and money but come on, it's a mish-mash of elements... a painting on one side, an embossed acrylic fixed with some ugly clips on the other, different styles of aluminum grills, and to top it some rainbow crap on the inside... come on...
^^ Maybe I'm wrong, but how many systems have you seen that stand out and are unique like this one as far as the fan grills, the art and overall theme? Also that is related to a musical artist / album? I can't think of many.. that is why it earns ROTM IMO. really well done.. you can easily tell the love that went into it. Nice one!
I saw flying pigs once in a misspent youth watching Pink Floyd live while high on acid. Those were the days long gone now 🙂 Still a huge fan of PF though. Although i don't really get a PC build with a music band as the reason for it.
Build is definitely worthy of Pink Floyd:Animals ...but questions were answered like he was a politician.
What I see on page 2: bottles and flyng pig.What can be so wrong? Anyway,nice case and happy owner.
a touch of class here whilst giving it a metro, industrial look - i love it ! Pink Floyd fan - always 😀