SoftRadeon 9x00 (R9500 into 9x00) information

Alexey just submitted the heavily awaited RivaTuner to me. This version has the usual round of updates and improvements but the one most of you have been waiting for is if course integration SoftR9700 (this SoftR9700 patch script can turn any 128-bit R9500 into 9500PRO and any 256-bit R9500 into R9700 without soldering the resistor on the R300 GPU and without loosing warranty!). Our patch contrary to the yesterday released hacked Wizard Radeon drivers are Catalyst 3.0 compatible !

The list of updates goes on and on, so here's a small overview !

If you like to discuss this topic then please go to this forum-thread where the programmer can be found also. I must warn you though do not bug him with questions like 'how much longer until the new RivaTuner is out'. To post/reply you need to be registered to the forums.

And the list goes on and on. More details can be found on Rivatuner homepage.

Installation of SoftR9700 with Rivatuner: SoftR9700 only works with only 2K/XP, if you have a Win 9x/ME system the download the patch we released! For those those who cannot install SoftR9700!

Don't try to patch the file in %windir%system32drivers if you've digitally signed driver installed and you don't know what is Windows file protection and how to avoid it. OS tacks changes you've made in any digitally signed file and automatically replaces it with the original one if you're rtying to replace/patch it on the fly. I bet that it was exactly what you did.
The more correct way is the patch driver _before_ installing it, it will work for sure.
You can grab the goods right here !

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