Guru 3D CaseSkins now available from PolyGFX
For quite a while now some fans have been asking about some merchandise of the site. Since we always try to do thing in a little different way we now offer two products with that special feeling. A caseSkin and a design mousepad.

What's a CaseSkin? It's the more realistic alternative to an artist showing up at your door with an airbrush in hand to turn your PC into something you won't be embarrassed to use at the next lan party. It's made of adhesive vinyl, and wraps over the top of your case for a very slick finish. All you need to do is measure your case dimensions and submit it with your order, it'll fit 100% on your case.

When you place your order you will receive this product rolled up in a tube. The kit will include a plastic applicator and instruction sheet. Cases are not included. Please measure carefully prior to ordering.A correctly measured CaseSkin will install easier as it will be pre-cut in the correct dimensions.

You can get it in any size (full-mid-small tower), as well as on mousepads and other stuff. Hey, why not help support The Guru of 3D, which is without question your favorite site!

As you can see below, it's a thing of beauty. Get it Here.

Guru3D CaseSkins

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